Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Block-of-the-Month Month!!

It's already the 6th, and I haven't started on my BOM Month! Well, I've kind of started because I did the Angels Among Us first block that I posted a couple of posts back, and of course, the Star BOM that Judy has designed for us.

I thought about it all day and was fretting and worrying about which one to work on, but I decided to do whichever ones I want. I won't catch up on them, but even if I just get one or two blocks done, that's forward movement!

I'm going to start with Butterfly Kisses. It's an awesome quilt, 91" square. These are not colors I would normally choose, but I fell in love with the design of the quilt. The fabrics are so much prettier in person. I have in mind a family member who might like it. Seven out of ten blocks have already been received, so it's aged nicely waiting on me! I just might catch up on it as these are all pieced blocks and look fairly easy! Go Vicky!

Come on and join in the BOM fun this month! I'm celebrating my birthday all month long, and this kind of no-obligation month is a perfect present to myself!! LOL

Oh, a friend of a friend of mine is auditioning for American Idol on Friday in Kansas City. Her name is Martina Wyatt, and she has an awesome voice. Go Martina! If she makes the show, I'm going to be asking all my bloggerland buddies to help in voting for her!

Life around the Quilting Condo is really quiet these days. It's too hot to go out much, so Daisy and I have settled into a nice nightly routine. I sew and she snores! She's getting more precious to me every day. She's almost totally blind now, but she has the best temperament. Never gets frustrated when she's bumping into things, but sticks real close to me until I lead her to her quilt and cover her up. That's what I hope someone will do for me when I get feeble! Just lead me to a quilt! LOL

I'm going to read directions now on Butterfly Kisses, so I'll be ready to roll tomorrow night!


Perry said...

Is your birthday this month? So is mine, so Happy Birthday to both of us! Yea for Leos! I also am trying to catch up on BOMs, but doubt that I will manage to do so even though I don't have that many. I hope your friend does well in American Idol.

Darlene said...

Oh those block of the month blocks - sigh! I pulled out all the little packages that hold the pieces parts for Peace & Plenty and spread them out across the counter in my sewing room. Deep sigh! It's definitely time to get busy on those but - deeper sigh!

Happy August birthday my fellow Leo friend.

JudyL said...

Butterfly Kisses is going to be gorgeous! Daisy is so sweet and she doesn't see to be bothered by the sight problem, does she?

Martina has a fantastic voice. I wish her the best. That has to be so exciting.

rachelgriffith said...

well happy birthday month to you.

good luck to your friend trying out for american idol.

can't wait to see you bom.

swooze said...

Enjoy your month of do what you please! It is funny because I set goals for myself and usually they are for whatever I I am really stuck on getting UFOs done and out of the way before moving on to other things!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday girl! I have to find my Butterfly Kisses and will do it too!!! Off to go look for them!!!

Claudia Denault said...

I'm going to join the challenge of the Block of the Month Month. I have just a few to work on.

Cowguy said...

I spoked to Martina this evening and she's all fired up and ready to go! I think they're hitting the line at 4 on Friday (tomorrow) morning. Keep 'em crossed!