Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stash Report 2010 - Week 24

Nothing in - nothing out. That's okay. I'd call it a good week!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 190.875 yards
Purchased: 218.125 yards
Net YTD: (27.25) yards busted :(

However, I did get EQ7 installed last week, and yesterday I went through all the video tutorials. Today I need to get printer ink and then I'll print off the lessons. I'm really anxious to learn more. I couldn't wait last night, so I started a "test quilt." Selected one block, flipped it around to get a secondary design, and colored it. LOL, the colors are awful - green, burgundy, light blue, tan. I was just playing, but darn it, that color combination was starting to appeal to me by the end of the exercise! I need to do the lessons to figure out the borders, but this much was fun! Thank you, Judy, for pushing me off the cliff -- no, that's not right -- encouraging me to try it!

Also managed yesterday to do my Pennsylvania Dutch BOM block, and to finish all the blocks made for the Celebration quilt I started on Memorial Day weekend. Just need to sew those rows together and get the borders on. Also finished the last binding on the last quilt I had piled up. So progress is being made here.

UPDATE: Well, I just created another UFO. That was easy! In sewing the Celebration rows together, I see that I sewed all the yellow blocks wrong, so those will have to be taken apart. Someday. (sigh)


pdudgeon said...

your report sounds very encouraging! have fun playing with your imaginary quilt. i think the colors you chose would be great together.

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo!!!! AND you got EQ7!!! Way to go!! I got my copy before my laptop was ready and my neighbor downloaded it for me so it was ready when I got the laptop back! Woo hoo!!!! :)

Amy said...

I got EQ7 installed yesterday. I need to work through the lessons. You are doing a great job getting started with it.

Penny said...

I've had EQ7 for about 5 days and I still haven't installed it. I need to go find my EQ6 book.

Sorry about that Celebration booboo. Sit down and listen to TV while you pick them apart. It really won't be that painful for me. (very big evil grin)

jaybird said...

congrats on EQ7... i bought the upgrade at quilt market... i just haven't had the chance to install it yet!