Friday, June 25, 2010

That Does It!

Penny no longer has use of my debit card!

What am I going to do? I know! Let's have a guessing contest!

I'll give out these hints, but only these hints, so no amount of sweet-talking, bribing, or groveling will get you any more info:

There are two kits contained in these boxes. And there are two towers in the boxes. And then there are two groups of unusual or different (for me) kinds of items in the boxes. No, it's not another bolt of cheddar! I promise!

The person who guesses all six things exactly will win a $100 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. If more than one person guesses all six things correctly, we'll draw a name from those folks for that gift certificate. After I investigate if you bribed Kimberly and staff to get the correct answers! :)

Everyone who guesses at least one of the things in these boxes will be put into the hat for another drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. How hard can guessing one thing correctly be?

Let's have the drawing at 3:00 pm California time on Sunday 6/27/10. Remember - I have to be able to get in touch with you if you're a winner. So be sure to link to your blog, or leave an email address if you're not a blogger or you are an anonymous commenter.

And after the drawing, I'll have to make my stash report for the week. I'm not looking forward to that.

Bad Penny!!


Kim West said...

Hmmm... I am going to say for kits - Frosted Stars (which I wouldn't mind myself) and Bubblegum Brights.

For the towers, I would say Adoring Fat quarter set, and 12 days of Christmas.

The unusual items would be the magazine for Bubblegum Brights and some rickrack.

call me crazy said...

Ok, kits~ Lumiere de Noel & Scattered Stars because I really like both of them. :-) Towers~ 12 Days of Christmas and Saltbox Harvest. Unusuals~ Candy Bars! and the French General trims? I know I'm probably way off because I haven't followed you for very long, but it was fun 'shopping'! ;-) Have a great weekend!

mascanlon said...

Ok, here's my guess, the kits are 12 Days of Chrsitmas and Scattered Stars. Towers, Adoring and Boo Bears and then the 2 chocolate bar boxes, dark and milk!
Mary Ann
mascanlon49 (at)
(And even with 2 orders this week to FQS I think ya beat in in the stash report.

Carol said...

Lumiere de Noel by French General kit
Scattered Stars kit

Twin Pack Moda Candy Bars
French General trim on wooden spools

Fruitcake FQ Bundle

Collection for a Cause Charity FQ Bundle

Lori in South Dakota said...

Hmm--Unusual--candy bars & dachshund ribbon (Penny ordered that!)

kits---frosted stars & hexagon love

tower--Rue Saint Germain Fat Quarter Bundle


I really haven't a clue what's in the box--but had fun looking at all the pages at FQS!!

Erika said...

My guess:
Kits: Lumiere de Noel and Frosted Stars.
Tower: Adoring and Park Avenue
Unusual items: Jelly Rolls Bar Harbor and Lumiere de Noel

It's always fun looking at all the pages at the fat Quarter Shop.

Simone de Klerk said...

Now this is fun Penny! I think you know you kind boss very well and I tried to contact you somehow. This is what came through. Did I catch it right?
The kit:
1. Leap of Faith (first project of Prairie women's sewing circle)
2. Jungle Rain Quilt Kit - beautiful colors!
Two towers:
1. Heirloom Durhan Anew from Lecien
2. Sage Next Cotten
The unusual stuf:
1. triangle paper (you didn't bark which one)
2. pack of moda candy bars (Penny loves candy, I think).

What fun this was, Vicky, going through parts of the FQS webshop that I normally don't go to. I think I might join the 'Tiny Town' block of the month quilt. I love designs by Bunny Hill and the fabric range chosen!

Well Penny, I look forward to see what you actually debited (O:

Kathie said...

scattered stars quilt kit (because we all love Carries patterns!), Lumiere de Noel quilt kit , just beautiful.
the towers you probably bought are
Lumiere de Noel cause you don't want to run out and then Park Avenue Petite,
the two different things....hmmm the bundle of wool?
the light and the dark

and I really hope you taught Penny how to type my address!
Kathie who would love to win that Gift Certificate to The Fat quarter shop, what a fun trip that would be!

Carol said...

Oh sweet Penny had LOTS and LOTS of fun! Glad she bought you something different! LOL!

pdudgeon said...

ok here goes!:
2 kits: Scattered Stars and Lumiere de Noel

2 towers: Fancy Hill Farm, by RP
Fresh Cottons, just because they're beautiful

and 2 Moda Chocolate bars, 1 lite and 1 dark

and i think Penny has great taste, and bought them because she would love to snuggle in the quilts.

Sandy said...

Kits are: Scattered Stars and Jungle Rain.
Towers are: Fresh Cotton and 12 Days of Christmas.

And I think that you got the Twin Pack of Moda Candy Bars!

Happy Sewing!

Nicole said...

You make me want to go shopping! I have to play along-

Kits: Scattered Stars & Lumiere de Noel (that's what I'd choose!)

Towers: Saltbox Harvest & Adoring

Unusual items: Dark Chocolate Candy bars & Milk Chocolate Candy Bars

jillquilts said...

OK, I am going to do this without reading anyone else's posts so that I don't get distracted...

The Scrap basket surprises kit
Designer Mystery 2010 block and finishing kit
Lumiere de Noel tower
Fresh Cotton tower

This is where I get stuck....

I bet you got a pack of the candy bars by Moda, maybe with a pattern?
Maybe some Halloween Night by Minnick and Simpson fabric? A charm pack or some yardage. It is very cute fabric!!! lol

How'd I do??? :-D

dianne said...

the LAST time i followed your link to The Fat Quarter Shop i pushed too many buttons (Penny would have been proud) - so THIS time i stayed away from the SALE ... i think the towers might be 12 Days of Christmas and Lumiere de Noel - and the kits might be, too - cuz i know that you don't like to run outta anything ... i dunno, though - what WOULD be unusual or different for you?!? you DID order that bolt of cheddar ... maybe charm packs (cuz you don't usually go small when you order fabric - again, the BOLT of cheddar!!!) and ... uhm ... an apron pattern?

Deborah said...

I'm going to guess the two kits are Lumiere de Noel & Scattered Stars, the two towers are both Fresh Cottons & the two different items are 8yds of Lumiere de Noel Pearl & Red St Catherine Yardage & one spool of French General Trim - Dots. I'm sure I'm way off, but it was fun to browse FQS. Hugs to Penny.

Lisa D. said...

Well, I certainly hope Penny poked some buttons for things you liked!

I'm really bad at guessing games, but here are my guesses: Lumiere de Noel Moda kit, French General trim, Scattered Stras quilt kit, Park Avenue fat quarters, and Jelly Bean holiday happy fat quarters, by Monica Snow. Oh and how about those Moda candy bars? Am I even close? Can't wait to see your goodies.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am only guessing, but the Kate Spain Christmas fabric, and the new Moda Candy bar????

Regina said...

Oh I have no idea -will not get 6 so will take chances on the other raffle...

Chocolate bars - and Lumiere de Noel tower??

Jungle Rain kit?

I guess I should have looked at where you ordered from -that might have helped me.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Here's my guess Vicky.

Kits: Scattered Stars and Laundry Basket
Towers: Fancy Hill Farm and Gettysburg VIII
Unusual: One each of Milk and Dark Chocolate Candy Bars

Hope you're having a good weekend.
Hugs, Gail

julia said...

Hi Vicky,
I'm sure Penny's got a wonderful taste & doing pretty good on poking buttons ;o) (btw, she looks as adorable as always & I always have to smile when seeing her pictured)...
What a fun contest...! I'm sure my guesses are influenced by my own taste, but I don't mind ;o):

2 Kits:
1. Scattered Stars (Park Avenue)
2. Charity (Collection for a Cause Moda Kit)

2 Towers:
1. Fancy Hill Farm (Robyn Pandolph)
2. Fresh Cottons (Fig Tree)

Unusual/different kinds of items...hmmm...that's tough...but maybe:
1. Dachshund Ribbon (too cute...had to buy some of them when I spotted them in the first place)
2. French General Trims

I'm already curious what you really purchased...oh, I mean, what Penny bought...;o)

Becky said...

Wow! Fun delivery. My guesses:
Scattered Stars Quilt kit
Luminere de Noel FQ tower
Luminere de Noel quilt kit
Park Avenue FQ tower
Nest by Valori Wells
Halloween FQ

That Penny! You'll have to limit her computer time :)

SheilaC said...

This is my guess list....

2010 Designer Mystery BOM
Lumiere de Noel kit
English Garden kit
Park Avenue

Unusual: that big bundle of wool, Moda Chocolate, or maybe some French General Trims?



Carol said...

I never get these things right but I keep plugging away in hopes that I will some day! Scattered Stars and Lumiere de Noel Kits. A Christmas and Halloween Tower and some unusual items would be some stabalizer, buttons and ribbons. Thanks for the chance to enter!

Judith said...

Towers: Lumiere de noel and park avenue
Kits: Lumiere de noel and Sattered stars
Unusual: something with wool

Laura said...

What a fun idea! I love all things Christmas, batiks and babies!!

My guess would be for the kits:

Jungle Rain - love the colors of that one.
Icing on the Fruitcake - a favorite!

Christmas Magic - really love that new line by Kathy Schmitz

Fruitcake by Basicgrey - another great line!

Dark chocolate and Milk chocolate
Buggy Blankies Pattern is too cute!
Thanks for the opportunity to play along:)
Laura T