Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playing Around

I decided to get the cutter out of the box and give it a try. I don't have an other dies except the one that came with it, but I have a few on order. Wish I had known before I ordered them that Joanne's carries them. Oh, well, it will do me good to practice a little patience! Well, practicing patience is a real challenge for me. I guess you could say I'm patience challenged!

Anyway, I grabbed a handful of scraps and started cutting 2" finished HSTs. Got about 100 cut in less than ten minutes. I found I couldn't turn the handle at all with my right arm which is weaker because of the shoulder replacement. But I'm ambidextrous, so it was easy to switch hands and try it from the other direction. I had a hard time getting the die to go through until I figured out how to best position myself in relation to the cutter while cranking. Also, I think I need a lower surface than the dining room table. That will give me a little more leverage with the crank.

Yep, I think I'll be able to use this for a lot of projects. Now if that darn order would hurry up and come in!

Watch out Stash Room! Here I come!!


pdudgeon said...

that sounds good!
our local quilt store is having it's second anniversary sale today, and they are giving away a Go cutter as one of the prizes. so of course i signed up! and i also signed up for the new sewing machine they are selling, and the door prizes, and i got some fabric at 50% off.

i see that they also have a dye for a tumbler the same size as my quilt that i made. that would have been fun cranking those things out!

so what other dyes did you order?
gotta tell, gotta tell!

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo on the cutter!!! Someone told me that Amazon has really good prices on the dies. I haven't looked yet cuz I don't have one... :(


Diana said...

That's how I started out too, cutting HST. A tip which saves time. If you are cutting both halves of the HST at a time, right sides facing, it saves time. You just pick them up and stack them for sewing. No fussing.

Quilt Hollow said...

That's what I say...stash should be scared...real scared! Hee!!

Carol said...


Becky said...

What dies did you order? Enjoy your GO!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've been looking for info on the Go! and found this post of yours - I have arthritis in my hands and my right hand is weaker than it should be. Since I'm considering the purchase of the Go! I'm wondering how much difference that hand strength would make. Is it hard to turn? How many layers of fabric were you using at a time? blessings, marlene