Saturday, August 07, 2010

Week in Review

Not much going on here - at least in my sewing room! However, the rest of my life is eventful, even if I'd rather it not be so much that way.

1. Round 1 at the dentist on what will be a long, expensive adventure. Ouch!

2. Penny escaped! This little turd took off running out the door without a leash when I opened it one night this week to get a box off the doorstep. She headed right for the walking path running full speed, with her little fat mommy right behind her. She wasn't slowing down.

The neighbors were cracking up laughing and yelling "Run, Penny, run!" (Name that movie!) I finally screamed "STOP!" And she dropped to the ground. Just about when I got to her, she turned and took off running back to the condo. She ran inside. By the time I came back in huffing and puffing, she was laying on the back of the sofa like nothing had happened. I'm going to strangle her if she ever does that again!

Later (after I called paramedics and got oxygen) I had to laugh. I just have a visual of me jiggling all over the place while I'm chasing her ...... dang, that dog is fast!

3. Incoming boxes. Yes, plural. One more (or is it two?) winging its way to me. August is my guilt-free month for buying. :) Time to clean out the sewing room, or at least my cutting table. Just in case I actually get some time to cut fabric. Okay, I'm dreaming.

4. Twins' first birthday. Happy birthday to Will and Peyton! I'm being reactive these days instead of proactive. I didn't forget your birthdays, sweetie pies. I'm just running behind, as usual.

5. Watch for a give-away announcement tomorrow evening. Don't know what yet, but I always manage to find something lurking in the stash room. Need to offset the incoming boxes!

6. Internet provider tech is coming this morning. Hooray! I still have modem issues, and I'm tired of not being able to get a connection every time I sit down at the computer. They called yesterday to tell me they investigated and there really is a problem. Whew, and here I thought I was just imagining it all.

Hope everyone has a fine day. I'm heading over to celebrate Jane's daughter's birthday this evening. I hear birthday cake is involved! Yeah!!!


mascanlon said...

Maybe its something in the end of summer air Vicky. Spike, our bulldog who absolutely hates to walk has taken to running (waddling) out of the front door anytime he can! He pees on the front lawn and looks around the cul de sac, if he hears a voice anywhere he takes off trotting. grr And like your neighbors our crack up too because they have seen me, oh so many times, dragging him done the street while he is planting his feet to stay put!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I'm still laughing my head off thinking about the neighbors cheering Penny on! Too funny!

jillquilts said...

Sounds like a semi-exciting week!! And I am the same way when I have to chase after Max. He got loose on one of the HOTTEST days a few weeks ago and I was pretty much done for the night! Luckily, his leash got caught on an electrical box or it could've gotten really messy!

Glad that Penny ran back to the condo!!!

CaraQuilts said...

I'm waiting for a box of marbles! Can't wait...that's a mean Penny taking off like that.

Darlene said...

I had a visual of you and Penny - way too funny. Of course, I've done that a time or two with Cooper, too. Dang dogs!!! LOL

Thelma said...

A day with cake, a perfect day! Enjoy!

Kathie said...

thanks for the laugh today!
oh my gosh Penny is just trying to get you out of the sewing room! LOL
don't you hate writing checks to the dentist I do!
yup lots and lots of root canals and caps!
his kids colleges are probably paid!
oh a red white and blue maybe something minnick and simpson?

Morah said...

Laughing here at your description of your escaping dog! Thanks!Glad it all turned out ok and all you needed was oxygen....LOL!

Sharon said...

So what's in the boxes? You always have such wonderful purchases, I can live vicariously through your shopping habits. Penny, what a character!

Carol said...

OMG Vicky I have tears running down my face from laughing...what a vision...that sweet little Penny running down the street for all she's worth...these dogs of ours!
Oh the darn dentist...they make you miserable and then take your money to boot...but it will all be worth it in the end...that's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL! YUMMY cake! That will make it all better...ENJOY!

Lori said...

Okay--I've had to do that! only I was still in my pj's and housecoat. Dratted dog saw a squirrel across the street. Head up, nose twitching, just QUIVERING in anticipation. No hope, she chased it no matter what I yelled. Then, on the way back she detoured to my wonderful next door neighbor who was driving in her driveway with a friend and laughed at me nabbing that dog with my uncombed hair and night attire. Well, at least it was a granny nightgown!