Sunday, August 01, 2010

Stash Report 2010, Week 30

The stash report is the same as last week. I'm still 81.33 yards down.

That said ... I'm not counting the eBay box purchase as incoming because it would be impossible to figure out how much is in there. If and when I finish up these projects, I'll only count any additional fabric purchased to finish. I have two HUGE tubs of this sort of vintage fabric, so I may not need to purchase anything except backing. I almost gave this stuff away five years ago. I'm so glad now I hung onto it.

Since so many asked to see the box, here are a couple of pictures. The box is big, heavy and packed with goodies.

The first set of blocks, and the ones that I will more than likely work on first, are these scrumptious nine patches.

There are 27 completed blocks in various colors - the "colors" being the solid fabrics in the nine patches, with coordinating fabrics.

The note pinned at the top says, "I need 3 more blue." Then she wrote "6 x 5 with borders," which denotes her intended layout. Below that she has a list of the ones already made:

Red - 3
Pink - 3
Green - 3
Orange - 3
Purple - 5
Blue - 2
Green - 8

There are two lines scratched out referring to orange and purple.

The blocks, in case the pictures aren't clear, have four patches in two corners and HSTs in two corners, and the block measures 14" square. They are hand pieced and in mint condition.

I'll be posting more as I unearth the contents. I played around in the box a good while on Friday night when it arrived, but didn't make my way all the way to the bottom. I wanted to save some surprises for later!


Laura said...

Looks like a great find Vicki! I have a weakness for buying boxes/bags of other people's scraps, so I totally understand your drive to buy these types of things. It's like a treasure hunt as you dig through the box. Fun, fun!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Looks like you'll be keeping busy when you retire! Congrats on not bringing any new yardage in.

pdudgeon said...

yep, that 9 patch looks like a great quilt to start with. Have fun! so glad she left directions.

Kathie said...

very interesting, see even Penny is intrigued!
can't wait to see more!

jillquilts said...

Looks like you got very lucky in your win!! Woo hoooo!!!

Congrats on no new fabric coming in! :)

mascanlon said...

Looking so fun, now I'm anxious to see this quilt laid out with the 4 patch/hst corners! I had a totally push week, nothing in, nothing out! But I am hoping to finish up a quilt top this afternoon so it can go to the quilter on Tuesday night when I head to Fresh Picked fabrics to play with my friendship group.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

What treasures you have there!

Jeanne said...

Oh, the blocks look wonderful! Can't wait to see them develop!
Jeanne :)