Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stash Report 2011 - Week 16

Needless to say, I didn't get any sewing done to speak of this week. But the hard work at work is all done! That must count for something!

I worked with a customer at the local quilt shop on her applique Friday night. We're going to make together Anne Sutton's Bunnyhill pattern, The Night Before Christmas. I'm going to prep the first block today but will not stitch on it until I meet with that lady this coming Friday night. Mine is in BOM form from Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop. I don't count the monthly BOM packages in at all, and only count the finishing kit in and out. Complicated ... I know, but it results in a lot of stitching for me with no busts. I just don't want to try to figure out how much is in each of those packages!

I'm also going to prep another one of Anne's patterns, Henrietta Whiskers. Finally decided on my fabric! Seeing as I'm four months behind the rest of the world, I might get all four of those prepped today. If I do, then I'm committed to that fabric and I'll go ahead and bust the whole amount for the quilt.

That incoming last week that was for a friend did go out this week, so that was 12.75 yards out. Of course, 8.5 yards came in. Sorta on the good side of neutral. Hey, I'll take it!

I'm so tired, worn out. I kept falling asleep yesterday. I did manage an early morning haircut but that's about all.

No, I don't have my car back yet. They called yesterday to say that all the guts are back in it, but want to keep it until Monday to make sure nothing is leaking. Okay. You've had it 16 days. What's three days more? Unfortunately, trying to get to the dealership and the rental car place on Monday before they both close might be kind of difficult. I won't get my hopes up that it'll be ready by noon. Might have to leave work an hour early to get all accomplished. Do you think it'll feel the same to drive? Probably not. I already want to get rid of it, but I'm having trouble finding what I want in the color I want. Since the '12s are almost out, maybe I'll just cross my fingers and wait. I just hope I don't get stranded again.

Penny is still sleeping. I had the A/C on last night and she's buried under quilts in her doggy bed. She didn't like her bed at first, but now that's where I find her in the morning. She's so cute. She just melts my heart when I see her all cuddled up sleeping.

Year to Date:

Busted: 169.12 yards
Purchased: 217.69 yards
Net YTD: (48.57) yards busted :(

Camera batteries are charging. Might post again later with updates on applique prep.


Karen said...

Have you thought of keeping a separate record of kits of block of the months coming in and out? That would take care of the problem of not knowing what yardage is in a BOM.

I have not started Henrietta either so you aren't the only one that is four months behind. I still haven't finished the snowman blocks.

jillquilts said...

Good luck with your prep work! I think that working with the lady on applique on Friday nights will be just what you need! Like going to a quilt show and wanting to do nothing but sewing for days and days! :)

Good luck with the cars!

mascanlon said...

Oh I like the idea of keeping the BOM kits separate. Of course since I have 6 BOMs still in lovely boxes untouched....

Laura said...

Don't know what kind of car you're looking for or what you want to spend, but I love my Lexus 350. Bought it last April. Makes a great Quiltmobile!

julieQ said...

I think it would be hard to count yardage in a kit/BOM...what is a little fabric among friends, LOL!! Hope you get your car back soon, all in one piece and as good as glad for the warranty!!

Lori said...

A/C?? We had SNOW here. I'm anxious to see your applique project. I will cross my fingers for you and your car.