Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plodding Along

I prepped a lot this week, so nothing to show in that regard. Well, I guess I could show it, but that would be boring!

However, there has been a teeny bit of sewing going on. Teeny as in teeny quilts!

Kathie truly has inspired me with these mini quilts. They go together quickly, and I've had so much fun piddling with them. When I only have a few minutes to sew, great headway is made!

This one was put together a couple of weeks ago. Isn't it darling? Kathie was, again, the force behind this quilt. Penny was feeling neglected, so when I put it down to photo, she crawled up next to it and rolled over so I could rub her belly!

She's not used to me sitting at the machine. I got her when life was starting to get complicated, and I just didn't want to sew much. Now when I sit at the machine, she's constantly trying to distract me. Silly dog!

The little patriotic tumblers are a work in progress.

Kathie and I have been swapping fabrics. I sent her a charm pack of this older Judie Rothermel fabric, and while she was cutting hers, she cut some tumblers for me! These are so much fun, and will give me good practice to sew those big tumblers of '30s fabrics that I cut with the Go cutter. No, I haven't forgotten about those! I love patriotics, and this will be one of my favorite mini quilts!

I say "one of my favorites" because this one is my absolute favorite!

In one of the exchange boxes, Kathie tucked in this little beauty! Oh, my, I was so surprised! Doesn't it make you want to get out some buttons and challenge someone to a game of checkers? It's adorable, Kathie! Thank you so much!

I had previously made this little quilt ...

... so now I have four that will hang on that wall in my future studio!

If you haven't made a mini quilt, I'd say give it a whirl! They're quick and fun and you'll love every second of the process!


Deb said...

Your mini quilts are wonderful! Kathie is such an inspiration. I love her quilts! I haven't made a mini quilt in a and Kathie are going to make me itchin' for one!!

Deb from

Darlene said...

You and Kathie are killing me here! Your mini quilts are adorable.

Yvette said...

You are giving me the fever to make a few of these little quilts. I just got 2 great books for inspiration, I guess I had better dig them out and start cutting.

Beth said...

Ok, I don't know which is cuter, Penny or the quilt! LOL Both adorable, I want to rub that tummy!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

What cute mini's~ I love the patriotic tumblers! Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

These are adorable. I'm working on 1&3/4" 1/2 sq triangle for a mini, they are the bonus blocks from a current project. And I just finished my second liberated log cabin tonight. It's 18 x 18 and I will put one more border on so it should finish at 24 x 24. Yes, they are fun! I love your patriotic tumblers, very cute.

Kathie said...

aren't you having fun???? so happy to see you sewing again! making little quilts makes it doable and they are fun to see around your home.
keep going! just wait to you see what happens when I find more charm packs!!!!!

jillquilts said...

Very nice!

Carol said...

Your mini quilts are darling...I can tell you're having some fun! Maybe Penny needs a chair of her own right next to you at the machine.

Diane said...

Your patriotic tumblers look a lot like my scrappy civil war thimbles. What size are they? Mine are cut from 1 1/2" strips. I said they were going to be my leader/ender project, but I love them too much and just keep on running them through the machine.