Monday, June 20, 2011

Sleep Poking

You've heard of sleep walking, right? Well, I may have a case of sleep poking!

There was a box from Keepsake Quilting on my doorstep tonight. I opened it up and it has some really neat notions and gadgets in it.

The only problem -- I didn't order it.

At least I don't think I ordered it.

Unless I've been poking buy buttons in my sleep again!

Or Penny has once again gotten ahold of my debit card!

I just sent them an email so they'll know that someone's order came to me by mistake. Darn, I'm going to hate to return this box! LOL.

I tell you, I get in trouble without even trying!

There's never a dull moment around this joint!


MYSTERY SOLVED!!! It WAS for me!! Seems Keepsake forgot to include the gift card! A sweet sweet very dear friend sent this package to me! Wow, I've had more fun tonight trying to figure this out!! I love you G!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!


Yvonne said...

You are so funny. I enjoy seeing the fruits of your poking. :)

moonbear_designs said...

You are too funny, but I do think it is Penny. lol
Speaking of poking tho, I poked your follower button. OK? I've started a blog, it's still in progress while I figure this all out.

I pulled out my box of nine patches from our swap. I didn't remember the signed blocks until you mentioned them in your email. Wish I had signed mine but I remember the Bernina was brand new then and I wanted to use all the new gadgets. Still have her, used it today to make a block for a Civil War BOW I am working on.

Glad to see you are still getting into trouble!

Stitched With Prayer said...

LOLOLOL, I cracked up when I read this post because that happened to me but it wasn't from a quilt shop, but my very favorite slippers in the world from LL Bean and I didn't even look at the address, just saw who it was from and thought hubby had ordered the slippers for me cause I had mentioned mine had a hole in them. Odd thing was, they were my size (no I didn't try them on, just looked at the style and size) but when I saw the invoice, they were for a nice lady with the same first name, different last name...OOPS...these slippers are not mine and now I have to not only pay FedEx, but have to include a letter of apology. Well, very red faced, I did just that and I received a very nice thank you card from Nancy in Colorado. *sigh* never did get those new slippers! Hugs...Nancy in Utah (what are the odds?)

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it! You are very welcome!

Kathie said...

oh what a nice surprise!!!!!
of course we wanted to see what was inside that box!!!!
aren't mail packages just fun?
poor Penny always gets accused of pushing those buttons ;)

Carol said...

Oh Vicky you are too funny! How fun! Mom asked me if there are any Penny pictures? Maybe we need one of her at the computer...LOL!

mascanlon said...

The next best thing to fabric by mail is tools by mail! I have a list going of some new rulers I want to try and maybe a thread selection too. Sounds like a very fun surprise, lucky you with such good friends!

Susie said...

How fun for you, solving that mystery!

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler said...

I just love this! I've had a similar experience in the past. You must have a fabulous friend. But do tell...what was in the goody box?

Penny said...

How fun ~ what a great surprise especially to read that the box of goodies were for you!! Please finish the story & tell us what was in the box!!

Becky said...

What a wonderful surprise! You can enjoy the fabric and not worry about "sleep poking" --- at least not yet:) Take care!

Gwen said...

Looks like you loyal readers want to see the content of the box and hear the rest of the story! Share Penny's interest in the box! Hugs!

deb said...

Yay!!! love those kinds of surprises!!!!

Michele Bilyeu said...

What a wonderful story! We are all drooling and wishing it was us that this had happened to!!!Are you going to show us what was inside;)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I also would like to see what was inside the box. Loved your cute story!

I am new at your blog. Followed you from Kathie's! I see we all three and more like the same quilt idea's and projects. Sometimes I have a difficult time keeping up.

I will visit you again, soon!

Carolyn :)