Sunday, January 29, 2012


I've been ruminating this morning. Just trying to get my mind around all the things I want to do .... after I finish The Grand Organization.

Remember all those boxes that were piled up and that I opened a couple of weeks ago? Well, I saved the best for last!

Anew 2011 by Lecein. Brenda Riddle of Little Acorns blog is the designer of this gorgeous fabric. I love Brenda. I call her a gentle soul. I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda in person at the Long Beach quilt show a couple of years ago. Definitely the highlight of my year! And her puppy, Bailey, is Penny's secret love! But, sssshhhhhh, don't tell Speck and Skippy!

I've had this half yard bundle sitting right by my computer this week. I'd love to bathe my whole bedroom in this fabric. It just conjures up peaceful thoughts, doesn't it?

Over the next week or two I'm going to go through patterns and come up with how to use this gorgeous bundle. I'd like a pieced quilt without applique. My reasoning for that is I want to make a long bolster pillow to go across the top of the bed with applique on it. I hope this all makes sense. I can perfectly envision it in my feeble brain.

I have more of Brenda's Lecien fabric from earlier lines, including some yardage. They all go together so wonderfully. I'm positive I can make a quilt for my tall mattress bed without having to shop for more fabric.

Sigh ... guess I'd better get finished up on organizing so I can sew. I'm SO ready to sew!!


Yvonne said...

Sounds like a wonderful project!

Sharon said...

This collection looks so soft and peaceful, perfect for a bedroom.

badlandsquilts said...

Sounds wonderful! It would make such a serene and dreamy retreat.

Kathie said...

omg this is so beautiful.
I agree with Sharon perfect for a bedroom so calming and soft

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler said...

Those fabrics are so romantic! Conjures up images of Valentines, lollygagging, bear hugs, and sweet nothings. Have a super day!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Oh how soft and gorgeous! At first I thought you might be thinking of doing your Dresden's with them, but I can see the pieced quilt with a bolster too. Have fun planning!

little acorns said...

Aww. . . you're a sweetie!.
Kisses back from Bailey, Dad, & me. . . (& extra kisses from Bailey to Penny!)
xo, Bren

Nini said...

Thanks for introducing us....very nice fabric!

mascanlon said...

Oh a perfect idea! Maybe on of Carrie Nelson patterns, she does terrific piecing too. I have been so tempted on
Bren 's new BOM.....By my Hand....and then I saw it at Road, that did it!

pdudgeon said...

you're right---you DID save the best for last!

Sherry said...

I am NOT trying to be an enabler here. . .but, don't force yourself to get all the organization done before you sew. . .it will make it seem like more of a chore than it really is.

Perhaps you could reward yourself after getting to a certain point in the organizing. Perhaps looking for a pattern after getting your books & patterns organized (and then putting the "rejects" back so that you maintain what you have already done).

And then setting another organzing goal; perhaps, cutting out 1/2 of the pattern after getting 3 tubs of fabrics organized.

That way at least you will get to have some fun but still be showing solid progress in the sewing studio.

I hope my explanation makes sense.

Vicky said...

Sherry, I like your thinking! Thanks!