Sunday, September 30, 2012

Catching Up

I seem to be in La-La-Land these past two plus weeks.  Tubs of kitchen things have taken over the living room, dining room, and elsewhere in the Quilting Condo.

The kitchen is finished except the new stainless steel appliances haven't been installed.  Hopefully that will be next week.  They stuck the old ones back in, but I think I'm going to wait to load up the cabinets again until it's completely done.  I'd hate for anything to get broken while they're banging away in there.

While this is not something I would have chosen, at least everything is new and fresh.

I always joked and said the perfect house was one with no kitchen.  Well, I've changed my mind about that now!  Geez, you can't even brew a cup of tea when it's all gutted!  And Penny was all discombobulated with her red bowls in the downstairs bathroom.  She just stood in the kitchen where they should have been and whined for two days!  Okay, I never said she was real smart!  Anyway, she found her way to her food and all is now well in her world!

I went to the St. Michael's Abbey Gala last night.  It was not held at the Mission this year, but at the Montage Laguna Beach hotel.  Oh, my, that place was gorgeous!  The reception and silent auction were out on the grounds overlooking the Pacific.  Such a beautiful view, but it was warm and humid out there.  I was really happy when they rang the chimes for dinner.  Oh, the hotel is dog friendly.  It would be a good get-away for Penny and me at some point in the future!  I'd love to see her playing in the sand and surf.  She's such a weenie!

There was a wooden Nativity that I wanted last year but realized I'd be bidding against my boss .... cooler heads prevailed!  There was another one this year and I was lucky enough to get it.  

I didn't realize that there was also a metal Merry Christmas as part of the auction item.  That will look great on the mantle at Christmastime.  The best part, it was all for a good cause! 
I tried to take a picture in the back of the limo on the way home, but the "disco" lights didn't photo very well!!  Of course, it might have had something to do with those cute blue drinks that they kept handing to me.  I swear, they tasted like a blueberry Slurpy.  Of course, when I mentioned to someone that my nose was numb, it was pointed out to me that I had consumed a couple of blueberry martinis!   Yikes!   Oh, well, I had a GREAT time!  I was even dancing!  And I bet you thought I was just a little old quilting lady sitting at home night after night with her trusty dog!  ROFLOL.
I'm going to start loading up the pantry today.  It shouldn't take too long because I threw away most of what was in there.  It seems I had quite a stash of canned goods that had expired.  Me?  Stash?  Naw............
Might work on attaching a binding today if I get the pantry loaded.  Why that caveat, you ask?  Well, the pantry stuff is on the floor in the sewing room blocking the way to my machine. 
 Honest to Pete, it's always something!


karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Sounds like a fun night!

Kathie said...

the kitchen looks great and oh all new appliances how lucky are you, and to think you didn't have to pay for this!
love the nativity beautiful, so glad you won it.
nice that you were able to attend again this year, glad you had fun.

Mary-Kay said...

Your new kitchen looks gorgeous! I can't wait for mine to get started. I love the undermounted sinks, no more crud to clean at the edge.

Darlene said...

Blue slurpy with a kick! LOL

A new kitchen is a good thing.

Girl, you need to retire! LOL

Cathy said...

I saw a funny sign once that read "The ony reason I have a kitchen is because it came free with the house." Describes me completely!

mascanlon said...

Looks great ! And it sure sounds like a great time had by the blueberry slurpy story...I mean who needs an excuse to have a great time.

LuAnn said...

That Nativity is gorgeous. Glad you were able to bring it home! I love the kitchen..everything is so fresh and clean.

Sharon said...

Sounds like you had some FUN! Those fruity drinks can sneak up on you though. Love the backsplash in your new kitchen, it will be super once the new appliances arrive.

AnnieO said...

Beautiful granite and wood cabinets--it looks good enough to eat in :)

I saw a funny sign in a shop I saw that said "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house!"

The hotel sounds so nice. Those blue drinks can really sneak up on you :)

Carol said...

What a fun evening! OMG what a job the kitchen nice to have all new, but YIKES that's a lot of work...I just had a vision of Penny lounging at the fancy hotel...oh she'd be the hit! FUN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky - I love reading your blog!! It helps keep me close to you, dear friend, when we don't have an opportunity to chat as often as we'd like too.

MISH - Sheila