Saturday, September 08, 2012

Must Sew This Weekend

Must!  I procrastinated last weekend on those two backings.  Now I can't do anything else until those are done.  I need to get in there and just do it!

Darlene inspired me to finish up my Designer Mystery from 2008.  This was a wonderful BOM offered by the Fat Quarter Shop.  All of my blocks have been made.  In fact, they were made each month as they came in.  Why have I not set the blocks?  Procrastinating again?  I will admit something here .... I love making all the blocks for a quilt, and hate setting them.  LOL.  Not much of a quilter, am I?  But this is my next project - after the backings!

I'm so cramped in here trying to sew.  It might have something to do with tubs of fabric sitting around needing to be put away.  I can't lift on them now.  I don't want to take a chance on undoing my back surgery.  So I'll just have to walk around them for a few weeks more, or until I can get a strong back over here to help me.  (sigh)

But I keep thinking about having a wonderful studio when I retire.  I think this would make an adorable studio, don't you?  (sigh)

I seem to be doing a lot of (sigh)'g lately.  But it is fun to think about the time when I don't have to go to work every day.



LesQuilts said...

Hi! I hear you about "I must".
I"m trying to teach myself I can give myself the choice, so I don't have to do "I must".
Yes, you need more room in your sewing room.
I think this should be your 1st priority, you won't get anything else done until you do have more room.
Maybe a pizza and pop party to the back who come over to help you?
Maybe shift them into another room or another storage space until you can reorganize them.
Once they are out of your way, then, you will be able to get organized and work on your must-do list!
Ok, so, nothing is about musts anymore.
See, wasn't that easy?
Take care, Leslie

Mimi said...

I don't think you would get any sewing done in that beautiful environment. I would be sitting by the pool sipping on a cosmos.....never mind sewing.

mascanlon said...

We are kind of 2 of a kind. I have 2 tops mde and I just need to finish the backings. Oh and I have 2 Christmas quilts cut and ready to go...I have Monday off so I am going to focus too!

Darlene said...

Yes, you MUST sew - it's good for your soul. :-)

So, did you sew today? I sewed all day. :-)

Gwen said...

Yes, you must sew! I know you are looking forward to a lovely new studio back home. Sewing will help make the time fly!