Friday, January 01, 2016

Welcome 2016

I am so glad 2015 is over!  It was a really stressful year what with being immobile for a large part of the year, knee surgery, unpacking, and there was some housecleaning that occurred, literally and figuratively.  I think I'm all set.

Today is a new year and I have another opportunity to "get it right."  No resolutions.  I just want to quilt more.  That's it.  Simple.

My 2016 word of the year is HAPPINESS.  While I understand that not everything that happens will bring happiness this year, I can control a lot of the things going on in my life.  When faced with a decision on things I can control, I will ask myself, "Will this make me happy?"  If the answer is yes, then I'll go for it!

And I would be remiss here not to remind everyone to take some stitches today.  To, once again, quote my dear late mother .... whatever you do on New Year's Day, you do for the rest of the year!

Happy quilting and Happy New Year from Penny and me!


Margaret said...

I love your mother's quote! Except that I started my day with shoveling snow,doing housework and hitting the grocery store. I better get to my sewing room right away! Hope you have a marvelous 2016!

Dora, the Quilter said...

My mom and maternal grandmother said that too, and it led to a fury of house cleaning and laundry the week between Christmas and New Years. I prefer your attitude--and intend to indulge in a variety of pleasant activities today! Have a wonderful 2016!

mascanlon said...

I love your word Vicky! I am a big believer in attitude. I have necklace that I often wear that says "chose Joy" and I find so much of what we put ourselves through is just that...our choice to be unhappy or miserable. I did sew today almost done with the pink quilt. Off it will go to quilter! What did you see on on Jan 1?