Sunday, July 30, 2006

Caught Up on Bindings

I can't prep a binding and then put the quilt aside. I have to get it done, no matter what else is sitting on my sewing table. I like doing bindings, and Daisy does, too, because I sit by her and we have bonding time!

I almost screwed up on this one. I decided to use up what yardage I had left in that line for the backing. When I took it out yesterday to piece the binding, I had a real scare. I realized I didn't save any of the border fabric for the binding. Digging further in the bag I got back from the quilter, I saw that she put the trimmings from my borders and backing in there. Whew! I had to do some creative piecing but ended up with just enough.

For once I'm ready for the show and tell at Alex's retreat in November way ahead of schedule. This was last year's project, and completed quilts are the first order of business this year.

I bought a barbeque grill and all the things I'll need to grill yesterday. I was so pleased with myself for remembering to get everything I'd need. Got home and realized I had forgotten to take the steaks out of the freezer. Figured I'd be all ready for today, though. Guess what? It's misty and drizzly outside, although the much cooler temps are nice. I don't think I'm going to let a little water deter me at this point! I'm a woman on a mission!


~ A real feeling of relief over this stash decision thing!

~ Much cooler weather today, sorely needed!

~ Waking up with a smile. That's been a long time coming!

~ My wonderful friends, who are all together again, and only a mouse click away!

~ Special ILYs to JMDSLN&J! :)


Susan said...

Wonderful quilt! I hate binding. Just so you know. It's my least favorite thing. I pay a friend to do all mine! I really *hate* binding. But, then, I don't have a helper like yours. =)

Linda_J said...

oh, if I only could ship mine on but the Belles come through for me---a lot--on the donation quilts or it would be worse, LOL.

Having said that, my task for the day now that the kitchen floor is mopped is make binding for three quilts. Maybe start the hand stitchings on the "sunglasses alert" that Jeanne donated since I really do not feel like quilting today after the hands and knees and mop pushing I did this morning.

Gail said...

I'm so glad you were able to work out the binding from the scraps- I'm crazy about the fabrics you used for this one.It would have been a shame to not have the absolutly perfect binding for it.

Sweet P said...

In the 2 years of quilting I've only finished 2 quilts all the way to the bindings. Now I have a stack of 7 quilts that will soon be tied and/or quilted so I guess it's time to practice my binding. Do you have any tips?

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Vicky, I love doing bindings, also. I have a good friend who detests doing them,so my mission is to get all her quilts bound - at last count there were over 30 that needed binding! LOL

Shelina said...

Finishing quilts always gives me such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. So I really like doing them. Congratulations to you. Glad you had enough fabric for the binding.

The Calico Cat said...

Congtrat on getting those bindings done! (I pay the LAer to attach them or they would never get done under my steam...)

Esteemarlu said...

I like that quilt and I love the look of a pieced backing even if I haven't made one myself.I like adding the binding to quilts too because that just means the finishing of a quilt is just hours away.

Judith said...

Nice quilt, I hate the binding the most to do, but when I am doing it, it goes fast.

Mary said...

I love pieced backs - I used a lot of muslin after I got my longarm because I could get it in wide width's. When I decided I needed to bust my stash I started piecing most of my backs.