Friday, July 06, 2007

Giterdun Progress!

The body is together. Hooray! Just need to think about borders for this puppy. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!
I spent all day yesterday at Ginger's spread out on tables getting this thing assembled. It was nice to be able to just leave everything there overnight and go back this morning. I met Ginger at 7:00 for breakfast, and then off to the quilt shop. I finished assembling the body about 1:30 today.

It's so hot here. Well, I guess it's not as hot as other places, but it's 100, real muggy, smoggy, and nasty. I'm in, I think, until Monday when I go to work. I got notice that they're going to power wash my condo tomorrow to ready it for painting next week, so I have to get things off the patio. I'll do that in the morning while it's cool.

And I'm going to work on the first block of All Things Christmas that I talked about a couple of weeks ago. It's going to be a great Christmas quilt. I'm about 80% done on the applique and have to make a couple of pieced blocks for it. The second block is winging its way to me - and I'm determined not to get behind on this one!
~ The new central air conditioner.
~ A wonderful quilt shop that welcomes quilters to sit around and work on projects, or just sit around and visit!
~ A good talk with my brother yesterday.
~ Thoroughly enjoying my vacation at home!


Carol said...

It looks great! I see that light shining :) You must share your Chistmas Block of the Month pictures...that is such a great quilt.

Susan said...

The top is beautiful! I love the colors even more now that I see the top together!

Leigh said...

Well done on the giterdun and also on your nieces quilt.

Doodlebug Gail said...

That is looking so pretty - I'm glad you're finally seeing the end of the project. Enjoy your at-home-vacation ..... sometimes those are the best.

Kim said...

What did you buy? LOL! I just posted on my blog what happened when I went to the LQS today for a spool of thread, and it got me thinking about you! The giterdun quilt's looking great though!

atet said...

Congrats! And when the giterdun is finally done -- no guilt about working on whatever you want to work on!

Darlene said...

WooHoo - you're almost done! I know you'll be so glad when it's completed.

Now repeat after me - NO. :-)


Mary said...

Love the colors - I know you've blogged about the Giterdun quilt but I can't remember who/what you're making it for.

cher said...

way to go Vicki!!! I am so proud of you to be at this point on that project and...way to be moved along on your Christmas quilt-it sounds gorgeous