Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm SO Bored!

I was too busy this week to call Matt about my photo problem. And I've had literally dozens of things I wanted to blog about -- but would need pictures to do it up properly.
I decided to look through my old photo albums to see how many Christmas quilts I had pictures of. Look what I found!
Isn't this the most awful, bedraggled Santa you've ever seen? No wonder I looked scared to death! LOL. My mother loved this picture. But then I think I already said she had absolutely no sense of humor.
On the other hand, he DOES look a little folk-arty, in a grungy kinda way. I guess there weren't many Santas to choose from in Sulphur, Louisiana.
OMG, I just thought of the funniest story. When Don was working on his first college degree, with a wife also in college and a new little baby, he decided to work as Santa at Sears in Lake Charles to earn a little extra Christmas money. Okay, Mom was mortified, but Dad and I thought it was great!! (Oh, my, how we loved to mortify Mom!) But I digress.
So Don was all padded up and costumed on his first day as Santa. Dad and I couldn't wait to get over there to check him out. We were standing there watching him when our next door neighbor walked up with her two grandsons. They were such bad little boys ... the terror of the neighborhood ... but they were both absolutely adorable. Blonde hair, blue eyes.
So Todd gets up on Santa's lap first. Santa said, "Todd, have you been a good little boy?" Todd just was shocked that Santa knew his name. I mean, you should have seen the look on this kid's face. He didn't miss a beat, though, and said he had been very good. Santa said, "Well, what about the time..." and proceeded to tell Todd about something bad he had done. His grandmother and Dad and I were laughing so hard. That's when Todd decided it best to start rattling off his Christmas list. Santa said, "Todd, are you sure you deserve all those things after doing ...." and said another bad thing Todd had done.
Todd looked at him for the longest time .... then promptly got down off of Santa's lap, walked over to his Grandma and declared, "I don't like this Santa. Let's go find another one!"
I don't know how many years it was before Todd was told the whole story, but he was a lot better after that! LOL
And just in case Santa is keeping a list and checking it twice ...... I've been VERY good this year!
~ I think we've solved a problem at work. Happy dancing!
~ That means no work this weekend! More happy dancing!
~ A nice breeze this evening while walking Daisy.
~ Dinner: potato chips and a banana. (I really must start cooking!)
~ Happiness is box(es) from the Fat Quarter Shop!! sssshhhh........


Kim said...

Hilarious story about your brother! And seriously, Vicky, I think your mom had to have had a terrific sense of humor to love that photo! LOL! Hey, you know what I just thought about? There's one really positive benefit to ordering fabric over the internet. You won't end up with any bags in your trunk! LOL! I hope you get that camera problem fixed right fast--I NEED to see what's been delivered in those boxes!

Leigh said...

That was a great story Vicky. I loved it.

Darlene said...

Great story, Vicky. Bored? No way - start pulling stuff out of that great trunk you showed us recently. No not your car trunk the one in the living room. LOL

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh dear - I hope Todd recovered and found himself another Santa that day - LOL.

Boxes from the Fat Quarter Shop - what did you buy?

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Funny Santa story,,, could just see it!

Well you did good with the Banana part of your dinner! :O)..

What loot did ya get from the Fat Qtr. Shop?

Gail said...

Every child should encounter at least one Santa like Todd did--too funny!

Bonnie said...

Loved your Santa stories. And I think a banana and potato chips make a fine dinner. That is kind of the way I "cook".

Susan said...

I absolutely love that story! How funny it must have been. I love the pic of you and your Santa, too. I think I had a dress from that same fabric, or one darned like it, also around Christmas time!

Shelina said...

I too find it hard to blog without having my camera. Since my daughter has confiscated it, I'lve also been resorting to digging up the archives.
I think that picture is adorable. Your mother might have a bigger sense of humor than you realize!
The story about your brother is hilarious too.

atet said...

I love that story about your brother -- and I love the photo. Maybe because of the bedraggled Santa and your expression.

Yvonne said...

Love the story and the photo!

Kairle said...

Your Santa story is a classic! Way too funny!!! We all need memories like that!