Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

I'm pictureless again. (sigh) The camera is working fine -although those rechargable batteries sure don't last long before they have to be recharged. It's the HP Photosmart Premier program. It doesn't recognize me any longer. But I'm not surprised by that. I'm kinda getting used to being ignored! LOL

So today mental pictures will have to suffice. Where do I start?

Went into the office today. But before I drove to the office, I stopped by Ginger's. I mean, after all, it was almost on the way to the office! Really! I picked up a few FQs for my loggy neutrals. I really want to get back to making those. I was hungry on the way there, but I had to stop at the ATM machine first. Oops, the ATM machine was past Sonic Burger, and you can't go back the other way in traffic very easily at that point. Oh, well, I'll get something more nutritious on the way to the office.

Well, when I get to Ginger's, I always head straight to the fridge for something cold to drink, and they always have snacks out on the counter. So two cookies later, I'm not hungry any more. Oh, and I'm feeling a bit righteous about not eating a big burger and fries. I mean, two cookies are a whole lot better for me than all that food, right?

Three or four hours later, I'm heading home from the office and stopped by my friendly neighborhood Albertson's. I just needed bread that I forgot to get last weekend to go with all those deli cuts. (Geez, I hope they did okay in the freezer.) And I had to pick up some more of those neat Ziploc Big Bags. The XL ones I got last weekend are really too big, so I picked up a box of L's to see if those will work better. Oh, and since I'm in there anyway, I grabbed a box of those 2.5 gallon Hefty zip bags. Turns out those are a good size for applique projects. And since I'm still there, a couple of quilty magazines found their way into my shopping cart. $90.37 cents later I headed home with my bread. Might this explain how my stash got so big?

So I'm home to my messy house which I totally avoided cleaning this weekend. Wait, I take that back. I turned on the dishwasher before I left the house today because I would need a clean coffee cup in the morning. That thing is so loud that I only turn it on when I'm leaving. And I did put a set of sheets to wash. Because those have been sitting there needing to be washed for a week, and now I need to change the set on my bed again. I refuse to have more than two sets of sheets. (Okay, I have three sets but one is so raggedy I don't admit to owning them.) This stems from my mother having three linen closets stuffed with brand-new sets of sheets still in the wrappers. She went nuts every time one of the department stores had a white sale. When she died, my brother and I spent almost a whole day boxing up those things. Neither one of us could use them because they were all double bed size. They went to Goodwill still packaged. Honestly, there must have been 100 of them. Excuse me while I go get those in the dryer. BRB.

Okay. I'm back. Phew, housework is SO hard!

On the quilty front, I got the pumpkin block appliqued this weekend. Just need to do a little embroidery on it. I have a picture that I'll post as soon as I become a known entity again with the HP software. But fair warning, it's a pumpkin on steroids! As a matter of fact, it's a pumpkin on steriods with serious alignment issues. I honest to Pete had that thing basted down just right. I don't know how the center piece of the pumpkin got so wonky. I'm debating whether to unstitch it and straighten it up. Maybe I'll just let bloggers vote on it. In my defense here, the stem on the pumpkin is supposed to be slightly off center. I think that's what threw my eye off. Well, that sounds like a good excuse anyway. But, hey, it's folk art! Maybe it needs to stay wonky!

I'm heading over there right now to start prepping All Things Christmas Block 2! I have fallen totally in love with this quilt. And I'm going to stick to my resolution to do the block each month. So far so good. One down ......... lol

I had the TV on the Lifetime Channel all day yesterday while I was stitching the pumpkin. Hours and hours on end. I really wasn't paying it much attention -- until it dawned on me how depressing all those sad stories were. No wonder I was feeling grumpy last night.

Oh, and dinner tonight? A piece of fried chicken from the deli. I was still hungry, so I ate a banana. And I was still hungry, so I ate an orange. Might this explain how my stash got so big?


~ No eyes rolling from blogger friends about my long post with no pictures. At least not yet!
~ Packages - nuf said.
~ Decision made that next Sunday the borders are going on the giterdun.


JudyL said...

Hilarious post! My dishwasher is so darned loud too . . but I never leave the house so I just have to listen to it.

I have one set of sheets for each bed. Wash them and put them back on. I detest folding sheets and I only like them after they're fresh out of the dryer.

Get that camera thing figured out!

And, have a great week!

Darlene said...

Like Judy, I have one set of sheets - wash them and put them back on. I detest new sheets - they are too scratchy (no the thread count doesn't matter - they are still too scratchy).

Yes, get that camera thing taken care of, please!!!!!

You buy $90 bread - hmmm I buy $50 milk. LOL

Gail said...

Sounds like you had an interesting day.......and I'm waiting for you to do the pumpkins and find out all the pitfalls before I try them!

Carol said...

We all buy the same stuff at the grocery and we all spend the same amount...$90 bread...$50 milk...these stores really should do something about their prices :) Oh does it have something to do with self control on my part....NEVER! Have a great day!

Yvonne said...

I do have two sets but I only like one of them so the other sits in the linen closet. I don't leave the house with water running ever since the one of the washing machine hoses split wide open. Luckily I was home.

$90 bread, $50 $66 rotary blades don't seem so bad now....:-)

Jeanne said...

Hahaha -- GREAT post! I love the no-U-turn to Sonic Burger! :) And I'd hate to tell you how many sheet sets I have ...
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Kim said...

You crack me up Vicky! I have three beds, three different sizes, and probably about three sets of sheets for each. I have a husband that does laundry and folds them, and sheets are one of those things I can trust him with. Yes, I know all about those quick trips to the grocery store. Seems like it used to be just meat that cost a lot of money; now it's milk and bread! LOL!

Rabbit Stitchings said...

You are talking my language with Sonic, Its the one junk food place I will go eat...

My order: Number 1 burger, no meat (I am vegetarian) extra pickles and mayo, fries, glass of tea with Lemon...oh and if I really feel like junking out I get a order of Cheddar Peppers!

Well on the sheets, I have a gazillion sets, I have a fetish for them, but mine are all opened and I use every single set!
I use everything, I am not a save it for later kinda person, my theory is use it not enjoy it!

Laurie Ann said...

Ha ha! Isn't it funny how we sometimes do things because they are the OPPOSITE of what our Mom did/does? My mom is a really disgusting packrat and everytime I get back from her house I want to throw everything I own away. I refuse to keep anything I am not actively using because of that. I have two sets of sheets.

Sweet P said...

First - I have one set of sheets, 600 count Egyptian cotton and love them. I have one set of sheets for the sofa bed.

The grocery store - for me it's $90 steak from the butcher shop.

The best show on Lifetime is Army Wives, Sunday nights. I DVR it and watch it on Tuesdays when DH is gone.

When I work on the weekend I made darn sure my boss knows I'm there. Of course if I have to be there it's because he's asked me to be there.

Susan said...

I think I'm beginning to understand how your stash got so big. =) I loved your shopping at Albertson's.

We have a set of summer sheets and a set of flannel for winter. I prefer the winter sheets all year, but DH is so picky. =)