Monday, July 16, 2007

Tagged by Susan!

Finn's Monday Meme is getting around! Okay, here goes:

Five Things To Do Before I Die:

~ Go to Alaska. It's been a burning desire for years and years. Hearing my friend Jane and her DH talk about when they lived there makes me want to go even more!
~ Go to Ireland. My maternal grandparents were from Ireland. Maybe that's where I get that wee bit o'blarney!
~ Drive across country in a motor home, visiting friends and quilt shops along the way! Oops, better make that an 18-wheeler if quilt shops are involved!
~ Learn to play the fiddle and piano. Not at the same time - but that would be kinda neat! LOL
~ Retire before I die. Preferably before I die. (sigh)

Five Things I Can Do:

~ Figure out how to do most things. Doesn't matter how hard it is. Of course, it's a good thing I learned two Polish curse words so hardly anyone else knows what I'm saying while I'm figuring things out!
~ Unconditionally love.
~ Tap dance. Of course, I'm not as cute doing it as I once was! (sigh)
~ Make a bigger mess than anyone else in the whole world while I'm sewing. Yep, I do! I'll challenge you to a duel on this!
~ Still quote an Edgar Guest poem that my Dad taught me when I was five or six years old.

Five Things I Cannot Do .... Yet:

~ Hand quilt
~ Remember some things - but that's getting better.
~ Eat tuna fish - but I'm not sure I really want to do that .... ever!
~ Get used to this heat here. 13 years and I still can't handle it. Wonder if it's the location or the fact that I'm post-menopausal! :)
~ Say Massachusetts. It comes out Massa-chew-sits. Seriously. Guess I can't ever live there!

Five Things That Make a Man Attractive To Me:
~ Intelligence. Okay, maybe I could forego this if they're drop-dead gorgeous!
~ Attentiveness
~ A good dancer
~ A sense of humor
~ A cute butt! (sigh)

Five Celebrity Crushes: (only five?)
~ Hugh Grant
~ Clint Black
~ Mel Gibson - okay, you gotta admit he's cute!
~ Harrison Ford
~ George Clooney! (sigh)

Five People I'd like to Do This .... If they want:
~ Anyone who is interested!


Yvonne said...

You could come to massa-chew-sits, pronounced correctly, to visit me. I'm learning to play the fiddle too.

Darlene said...

Interesting little tidbits!

I have a friend who says Cordorado and tells me that's absolutely THE correct way to say Colorado. LOL

Susan said...

Great job, I really enjoyed reading your answers! You have such a terrific sense of humor. Hey, maybe we'll both get the money for that Ireland trip at the same time. =)

Kim said...

I'm sure Massachusetts would be happy to see you arrive in your 18-wheeler! They might even elect you governor if our own (California) governor's pronunciation of the state's name is anything to go by! Before you take your 18-wheeler up toward Alaska, though, you might want to catch an episode or two of Ice Road Truckers, just so you're prepared. And now I know why you have the McDonald's issues--it's not just the southern accent, but you've probably got a bit of Irish mixed in as well! LOL!

Kim said...

Hey, Vicky, it's Friday--what have you been up to this week? Hummm, let's see, if I remember correctly, I think SOMEBODY said the giterdun borders are going on this weekend, didn't she? Sure hope you don't have to work this weekend!