Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Jane and I went out and about yesterday in the cold and drizzly rain. I had such fun! I've been just going to work and coming home for the past three weeks, and it was good to giggle with her. We went to two quilt shops and an antique store that we've visited before.

I was SO good! I bought four yards of a patriotic backing that I needed, three polka dot fat quarters and one pattern! Everything else I got were gifts for various and sundry folks.

Judy, you really need to visit SoCal soon! The two shops still had lots of Holly Jolly fabric! See? LOL.

You should have heard us in the antique store. We were laughing so much at some of that stuff. There were a couple of things I probably would have gotten if it weren't for Christmas being just around the corner. I'll go back after Christmas. If they're still there, then they were meant to be! I was looking for one particular thing for a gift, and what I found was either way too expensive or way too cheap. I'm going to keep looking. Eventually I'll find it!

Daisy was being so funny when I got home. Yesterday morning, I retrieved a small FQ Shop box from the garage thinking it would be perfect to mail a present in. Well, it was too small and I left it sitting on the floor by my cutting table. When I walked in last night, she had her head down against the side of the box and was pushing it across into the living room. I started laughing when I saw her. She looked up at me, and then went back to pushing that box around the house. I didn't get it but she was having fun! Doesn't take much to entertain that baby - boxes, water bottles, spools of Aufrafil thread! LOL.
Went to dinner with Jane and her sweet DH last night. First real food I've had since the endodontist visit on Friday morning. My mouth felt perfectly fine until about halfway through the meal. I took a couple of Motrin and it feels better this morning. I might ought to stick to Jell-O for another few days. :(
~ The remarkable feeling of being with good friends and laughing about absolutely nothing!
~ The rain!
~ My silly dog making me laugh - again!
~ A whole day stretching ahead with absolutely nothing on the agenda except what I want to do!! Oh, yeah, and laundry!


Doodlebug Gail said...

That's a lovely Christmas display - I'm so glad you had a good day out with Jane. Enjoy the rain and I hope you have a relaxing day. Hugs.

Beth said...

Oooh, which quilt shops did you visit? I wonder if I have been to any of them? I've been to quite a few! My DH got his present early, a GPS, and I told him I'm going to program in all the quilt shops! LOL

I can't wait to meet you on Thursday! Glad you're feeling better and had a fun day with Jane.

Brooke said...

I have to come clean and tell you that I have been lurking on your blog!! Reading about your days reminds my of one of those novels that you just love reading about the main character and their dreamy daily life! I am sure your days are not all dreamy, the whole tooth debacle for instance, but I get the feeling you are a positive person, taking one day at a time and finding joy!
Also as a beginning quilter I love reading about your quilting adventures!
So please keep up the blogging LA are a delight!
Brooke : )

Mar said...

good thing I wasn't with you, I couldn't have left without the holly jolly!! LOL, sounds like a fun Vick & Jane day!

Wendy said...

I had to laugh at your post...sounds like a blast shopping and entertainment at home is a bonus.