Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Over!

All the work Christmas planning - cards, customer gift baskets, office dinner, etc., etc. is over! This year went so smoothly. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop! I'm off until next Wednesday! And then another four-day weekend for New Year's! Plumb giddy here!

I'm about finished with the two secret quilt projects, and then I'll be finishing up the binding on the giterdun over the holidays. Boss will be back in town next Thursday. I should be able to get it done by then! It will soon be out of my life forever!!

Wednesday night when I got home there was a note clipped to the garage door that they were coming in today to measure the windows for new blinds. I noticed that every door in our circle had the notes on them. My first thought was why they had to measure all of the condos. There are only three floor plans here. Couldn't they just measure one of each style and go from there? Oh, and the note also said that we had to have all window treatments down and all furniture moved away from the windows. Sorry Charlie! There's no way I can move that huge TV armoire, both downstairs and in my bedroom. My living room sofa now resides in front of a window also, and the stash room -- yikes, all sorts of stuff is under that window including my grandmother's treadle machine. So I did a quick vacuum and mopped the kitchen floor this morning and called it good. Well, they did come in today because the sheers were all wonky, and Daisy was real skittish when I got home. But there was no note left saying, "Vicky, you really MUST clean up this quilty stuff!" Whew! LOL

We shut it down at 4:00 today, so I stopped by Ginger's on the way home for a fix. Ginger looked so cute! She had on a Mrs. Santa Clause outfit with the pockets of her apron filled with candy that she was handing out to everyone who came in! Tons of cookies and snacks! It's such a happy shop to visit. No, I didn't buy anything! LOL

The branch of our bank that I frequent was robbed on Wednesday. I'm glad I called before I drove over there, and really thankful that no one was physically hurt. They were really shaken, though. The branch manager told me that she's experienced robberies before, but it was always a one-person job. This time it was a take-over. Several people coming in and screaming and shouting profanities, real aggressive and mean types. Everyone had to get face down on the floor, and the all the tellers had to empty their drawers. She told me that when they came in, they asked who had the keys to the vault. She was petrified that they would come to get her to open it, but she said they never did. They had counselers in that day to talk to all the employees, and I sure hope it helped. I can't even imagine being in that kind of situation. Scary stuff!

I'll have pictures to post in a few days. I have honestly been searching for something to photograph just so the blog wouldn't be so blah, but there's nothing interesting to share. I'm so boring!

Oh, geez, Daisy is having the best time over there tearing up a paper towel all over the carpet. It's a good thing she's so cute!
EDIT: Daisy finished with the paper towel and graduated to overturning the trash can by my sewing machine - again! I heart my dog!


~ The Christmas spirit has arrived!
~ Feeling almost back to normal.
~ The "winter" weather we're having!
~ Humming Christmas carols all day!


Yvonne said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Enjoy your time happy they didn't tell you to get rid of that quilty stuff. :)

Laurie said...

Merry Christmas Vicki!

Mar said...

LOL, I heart your dog too! I wanna go to Gingers!!! tell her to save me some cookies, LOL! Oh and you could show us your secret stuff, we wouldn't tell anyone ;-) ILY

Angie said...

Dewey and Badger here sending Christmas Greetings and hugs to Daisy! We would LOVE to get in our Mom's trash bags but she would put us in time-out (you know what this is, right, Daisy? where we have to go our 'room' and stay a while?) and we HATE that! We send puppy licks and hope Santa brings you lots of bones and toys and NOT yucky brushes and 'clothes'. :D

Patti said...

Every time Shadow does something like that I repeat to myself over and over "I love that dog!" - just like you hee hee. Glad the Christmas party went so well - and that it's over. Congratulations on having such a firm resolve and not buying anything at the store!

I hope you have lots and lots of fun on your days off. I love this time of year - and one reason is because you just can't beat two paid holidays a week apart!

Can't wait to see what you do with your off time!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That Daisy's a cutie isn't she? Good thing you love her.
I can't believe the robbery. How awful about your bank!! I remember walking into our Albertsons that was by my house just after a robbery took place. Everyone was so scared.
I bet Ginger was too cute in her outfit all ready for Christmas. I've got to get over there. I know Jane's waiting very patiently.
Happy Holidays Vicky!!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Dogs like to be creative too!

Anonymous said...

Have a happy holiday Vicky! I'm off until Wednesday as well, and I'm loving it! There is rumor that we might get a 4-day weekend for New Year's too, I hope so!

Nan said...

I love the photo of Daisy! My Lucy is a naughty one with the trash cans, too! They just can't help themselves, can they? Good thing we love them so!!
Your description of the robbery chilled me to the bone - I have been in two. One was not bad, as the robber was extremely polite, but the other was violent, with the robber (who had a gun)screaming and yelling the entire time he robbed us. It took me two years to get over that! I feel so badly for those tellers - I hope they can deal with it better than I did. The holidays seems to make people do unselfish or horrible things, doesn't it?
I'm glad the window measuring turned out okay for you. I bet Daisy was skittish when you got home -strangers in the house - oh my!
I hope your Christmas was wonderful, and I wish you and Daisy a very Happy New Year!!!!