Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Report

... and when she was good, she was very, very good. And when she was bad, she was horrid...

The double Irish chain was delivered on Thursday night. The looks of surprise on their faces was enough to erase all the grief experienced while making this monster!

I had never added up the fabric before. I was surprised that it was only 28.375 yards. I would have sworn it was at least four times that! LOL. So since this is officially out of my life, I'm going to count that yardage busted.

And add six more inches to that count for more Christmas fabric ribbons for packages! Hey, every inch counts!

Now, on the enhancement front, that's where the horrid part comes in. But it's all Jane's fault. You see, she insisted we go to a 40% off everything sale. We really had fun there, and I came home with probably more than 28.375 yards plus six inches!

40% off: 2 more Holly Jolly jelly rolls; 7 yards of Holly Jolly background; 5 yards of a patriotic backing; 1 yard each of five different orange crackle fabric for pumpkins; 3 yards of Yuletide Blessings for a backing; 2.5 yards (end of bolt) of more Sunshine background that I needed because I didn't have enough. That's 22.5 yards. Okay, I'm still on the plus side! Whew!

But that's it for me! C'est tout!

I've been deleting emailed sale announcements like crazy. One resolution for 2008 is that I am only going to buy online from The Fat Quarter Shop, and am only going to support two local quilt shops this year. I stop in at Ginger's every week but I'm sorry to say I didn't purchase a lot there this year. The other shop is a fair drive away from home, so I don't visit there very often. If I absolutely need something and Kimberly doesn't have it, then I'll venture out to the two shops. No more "Oh, that's really cute. Let me poke that button." I'm psyched up for this. I'm determined. I am strong. I am woman. Hear me roar. I just dated myself.

Do you have a Tutto bag? Oh, my, I was so surprised on Christmas to get this! I have admired them for a long time, and even almost bought one at Road to California last January. It will make going to sew-ins so much easier. My sewing machine and everything will be all nicely tucked away in this rolling bag! Thank you, Santa!! Maybe I wasn't so horrid after all! :) :)


Kathie said...

Glad to hear your boss liked the was worth it then.
Well at least all you bought was on sale and it seems like you have a plan for it already right?
YOu still did well.
I too am deleting all emails from shops and unsubscribing...I am vowing to get this under control this year and make the quilts I have wanted to for a long time.
Love your new bag, of course you were good :)

JudyL said...

Sounds like you're determined to use the stash. We may all hit a few bumps along the road but at least we're starting out on the right foot and for me, it feels different this time . . like I can do it. And, if I'd seen Holly Jolly on sale for 40% off, I might've bought all they had! :(

Vicki W said...

Give that temptation I think you did GREAT! You are still net positive and that's all we can really expect from ourselves.

Norma said...

Don't worry about the purchases! Stash enhancement keeps us excited about our stashes! That's my story anyway and I am sticking to it! LOL

Beth said...

I wondered where you've been, now I know! Out buying fabric! LOL What shop had a 40% off sale??

CONNIE W said...

I have a Tutto in lime green. I used it when I was taking my Bernina to classes. I wish my quilt shops would have a sale like that! Happy New Year to you!

Sweet P said...

You're making some progress on stashbusting. Keep up the good work.

I told DH I wanted a Tutto bag but he said I never take my sewing machine anywhere. I told him I would if I had a Tutto bag. Enjoy your new bag. I hear they are great.

Randi said...

Well, I can't say anything about that fabric buying, as I hit a 40% off sale, too. :-) I think you have a great Sunday report, and WTG Santa!

Morah said...

Hey since it's now a Sunday Report instead of stash busting report you aren't "horrid" at all! You are just reporting!!!! My girls both have curly hair and when they were little we quoted that little ditty quite often!

DPUTiger said...

If I tell you that I have TWO tutto bags, will that let you know how I feel about them? Lime green for the Bernina, royal blue for my Brother. I do like the Fat Quarter Shop (and I think that was your fault! :)), if I had the LQS access here that I had in LA, I wouldn't purchase online at all. I miss Bearly (yes, I know it's totally gone now) and several other shops, but mostly I miss my quilting buddies that I left behind. I have nothing like that here, and it's definitely affecting my quilty creativity

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your new bag from Santa. And it's even RED. That of course makes it even better.
Everything is Jane's fault isn't it? LOL!! Just kidding Jane.

atet said...

Wooo Hooo!!! Gitterdun is now Gotterdun AND the boss loved it!!! Way to go. As for the stash enhancement -- well, hey, you have goals for yourself for the year, that's good :0). (besides -- gotta love the Holly Jolly additions!!!) That travel bag is great -- and nope, guess Santa didn't think you were too bad!

Darlene said...

Giterdun made three people happy! WooHoo!

I've done very well with the on-line shop e-mails announcing sales and such - I have not ordered one thing. And, I have not visited any of the local shops and their sales either! And, guess what - I had no desire to.

You're going to truly enjoy your Tutto bag - I got one for Christmas last year and love it!