Thursday, December 06, 2007

Worn Out Here!

I've been busier than all get-out.

I have the second appointment with the endodontist tomorrow morning. I started back on the antibiotics today. I hope my stomach doesn't get all messed up again, and that this whole ordeal will be over shortly!

I'm going Christmas shopping with Jane this weekend. I've got to say that only once have I actually gone out Christmas shopping in the almost 14 years I've been in SoCal. It's scary out there - way too many crazy folks. But hopefully she will be navigating, or at least co-piloting, and I'm going to do it!!! LOL

My goal is to finish this sewing by the weekend, and then I have to get busy on the binding for the boss' quilt. I have two weeks to get that done as they will going out of town before Christmas. In a week and a half or so if you hear some gleeful screaming coming from my direction, that will be me with a finished giterdun!!!!

That's it from my boring little part of the world. It's cooling down quickly outside as it's supposed to start raining tonight. I can't wait!


Mar said...

ooo your ears must of been burning, Deb and I were just wondering what you've been up to! Christmas shopping? What is she going to do take you to Ginger's?
ILY!! Hope you have a fun shopping trip.

Kim said...

Oh, good, a day out with Jane! I bet you two will have some fun! And congrats on getting so far on the Christmas "stuff" at work--that should lower the stress level a bit this year. At least the dental work is nearly done--soon you can put it all behind you. Let us know how it goes.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Have fun with OUR Jane!!! Tell her hi for me. I'm sure she will fight her way thru the crowds and get you thru. If I know Jane. And I think I do.LOL

Nan said...

WOW! Have you been a busy, busy girl!! I am very impressed with everything you've accomplished.
You are brave to go out with all the other shoppers! Just know it's going to be crazy out there, and act accordingly!! lol!! I'm glad you have a co-pilot in your endeavor - two can navigate craziness better than one, I think! Have fun!
I hope all goes well at the doctor's, too!

atet said...

Wow -- I can see why you're worn out. But, won't it be fantastic to have the giterdun done???