Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's all The Fat Quarter Shop's Fault!

It's all their fault if I die with truckloads of stash that hasn't been sewn up yet!! Anne Sutton and I discussed getting adjoining rocking chairs at The Home to finish up our UFOs ... just might come down to that! :)

Did you all see the new Thimbleberries BOM? It comes in three colorways just like the last one did. I chose the DUSK this time. It will go very well in my brother's house. Don, if you're reading this, it'll be more than a year - so cool your heels! I love that they're offering the backing set, too. I know I'll have the backing already when I get the BOM done.

What's especially nice about Thimbleberries is that the blocks are easy enough for beginners, but yet fun enough to keep the more experienced quilters interested. I've done quite a few of Lynette's quilts and each one has been a blast to make.

Head over to Jolly Jabber and leave a comment! There's a very substantial gift certificate for the winner of the drawing!

Wait, what am I saying?!! Don't leave a comment -- I want to win this one!! LOL

As usual, Kimberly, Kevin and the staff at The Fat Quarter Shop have done a fabulous job of getting another gorgeous BOM for us! You folks rock!


Vicki W said...

As long as you can afford it and it makes you and Penny happy, go for it!!

Kim said...

How funny! I just mentioned the new Thimbleberries BOM program and linked to the FQ Shop too. I like the looks of this year's project, so I think I'll join my local club again. Let me ask you this, though: Do you think we should finish Hometown Christmas before we start another big Thimbleberries quilt? No? Okay, then--I just wanted to check! LOL!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Vicky, I stopped buying fabric about 2 years ago. I will die with way too much fabric!! I think about it a lot! I worry about it! Who is going to enjoy my stash. I want to be better so much. I pray for life without pain.
If I could stop moving maybe I could heal! But I can not stop moving!
Love, Fern