Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stash Report Weeks 33 - 35

I decided to keep going on this - if for no other reason, the entertainment value provided to one reading my blog!

Still working on catching up BOM blocks, so nothing busted.

I ordered another bolt of aged muslin, so added 20 yards.

My goal is to tie up all of these loose ends in my sewing room and be ready to roll when I get back from Louisiana at the end of September. Of course, I'll be running head-on into a busy time at work, but that should only last a couple of weeks. I'm ready to move these stacks of fabric out of here and into quilts. Of course, the to-be-quilted pile is growing proportionately. It's always something.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 165.25 yards
Purchased: 490.875 yards
Net YTD: <325.625> yards

Penny had her stitches out yesterday. I was worried about them hurting her getting them out. She wagged her tail the whole time. She pudged up after her surgery to 8.8 lbs. She's not quite seven months old, so we've cut back a bit on her puppy chow. She's been running around like crazy today, so I'm sure she'll tone up again in no time flat.

Penny's mommy needs to cut back on her puppy chow, too!


Miss Jean said...

Tell me about this aged muslin. I checked out the web site and it looks very interesting. Is the lightest anywhere near white? What do you use it for. I really like the looks of it.

I'm glad Penny is feeling better now. If it were as simple for us to cut down on our puppy chow!

Sue H said...

I have to confess, your stash-busting report is one I always make sure to read! You always make me feel better about my numbers. Thanks, Vicky! I know you're going to turn it around this fall. Love seeing all the yummy fabrics and BOMs.

merumo said...

Glad to hear Ms. Penny is up and running again! That will help her to shapen up, I think :) Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

You are just in the stashbuilding stage of your quilting life. I think we have all realized that certain fabric lines are only printed once, so if you love it, ya gotta get it. Tomorrow, it may be all sold out.

I just saw a post where someone was searching for one yard of a 1995 fabric to complete the binding for a quilt that was just recently completed. So, we'll keep your blog on our favorites list - just in case we need something in 20 years!!

You still have amazing usage numbers!

And I read your blog for the adventures of Penny. And I would love to see where and how you store all this stash.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and about the adventurs of Penny. Tell me about the aged muslin also. What do you use it for?

Karen said...

Thought I would pop in and read your stash report. I don't keep a record but mine would look like yours!

Brenda said...

You can't stop posting your stash totals. When I gt lectured I point to your blog and say I could be buying a whole lot more LOL.

Glad to hear that Penny is doing fine.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Instead of telling us about your stash report--how about pictures of the stash??!! Love seeing/hearing about Penny.

jaybird said...

please keep going... i love seeing what you are.. or are not up to!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Vicky and Penny,
I love your blog for seeing pictures of Penny. I would like to see pictures of your stash too! It would take a lot of pictures to show you all my stash. I have not bought any fabric in two years.
More pictures of Penny would be good!!
Love you all, Fern

jillquilts said...

I'm glad she is doing fine!! My "little" Maisy pudged up after her surgery. I think it's harder on females what with the hormones and all of that. Max stayed very slim and svelte and Maisy just kept gaining and gaining and gaining!! At 7, he is just under 10 lbs and she is just under 20!!!