Thursday, December 30, 2010

Penny is Such a Doofus!

I bought her a new bed today and she wouldn't get in it. I couldn't figure out why because she was trying to get in Skippy's bed with him over Christmas. I finally put her quilt in with her and she curled up and went to sleep.

Silly Mommy! That baby just needed her quilt!

Oh, I'm teaching Penny to twirl! By George, we've almost got it! Will try to do a video when the trick is perfected. Too funny!

I ran all my errands today, and now I'm home until Monday! Hair cut, UPS Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, the quilt shop, the market .... all in the beautiful sunshine! More rain expected, though, over the weekend. I need to grab a picture of our snow-topped mountains before they're encased in fog and rain again!

Will be cooking traditional Southern fare on New Year's Day. Jane, her sweet DH and Skippy will be coming over to share. Maybe Skippy will give Penny lessons on curling up in her new bed!


Cyn said...

Hi Vicky,

She knew what she needed. It just took you a little while longer to figure it out! :-)

Isn't it wonderful when you have all of the chores done? DD and I ran all over today. With just two more quick stops tomorrow, I'll be done for 2010!

The only problem with today's errand list? The one quilt store that I was planning on stopping at was closed for inventory. But I'll be at the other one on January 8, 2011. LOL!

Have a wonderful Happy New Year!

We'll be having pork chops, sauerkraut, etc on New Year's Day.


merumo said...

Hi Penny! You look comfy in your new bed :) I'm sure you will like it with your quilt a lot better... Happy New Year to you two!!

Simone de Klerk said...

Sweet Penny!'
Thank you for all your inspiration and getting the blocks done for the Pennsylvania Dutch, dear Vicki!
Wishing you and Penny a wonderful New Year's Eve and all the best and happiest wishes for 2011!
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! (also from Bibi our beagle :o)

Kathie said...

what a lucky little puppy, cute new bed but I love that quilt!
Hope you all enjoy new years eve and Happy New Year!

quiltingnana said...

we all need our cuddlies...why should Penny be different LOL...may 2011 bring you joy

mascanlon said...

Did all our chores early today too. Pot roast for dinner and as soon as I get off the computer i can go sew, maybe finish one last top for the year? Happy New Year

Carol said...

Bless her heart...she needed her quilt...can't wait to see her twirl!

Amy said...

Oh your baby is spoiled.....and so sweet.My 2 dont have quilts, but now they will.

Carrie said...

Don't laugh but every time I have gotten Rosie a new bed, I have to gt on it and roll around before she'll go near it! Maybe she's just waiting to see if I'll actually get down on the floor and roll around on her bed every time I get a new one... hmmm, she's got me figured out!