Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stash Report 2010 - Weeks 48 & 49

Nothing much going on here. In fact, nothing at all is going on in the sewing department. I am making headway organizing, and hope to start the new year off with renewed resolve to happily quilt and bust stash.

I only busted two yards in the last two weeks, and only received in 5.25 yards backing for the Paris in Fall BOM. Next week should bring more stash additions as La Petite Ecole yardage has landed at the Fat Quarter Shop! I think the Fig Tree Club is also going to land. Uh oh.

I am going to bust a couple of quilts for gifts out of my quilt stash. That's a good thing! Far too many I've made are piled up here and need to go somewhere to be loved. My goal next year is to gift away more from the quilt stash. It's funny, though, when I was looking through quilts, there are so many I want to keep -- my first quilt, my first applique, first paper piecing ... the list goes on. Oh, well, nowhere is it written that I have to give them all away! And then there are those quilts I've acquired through auction or purchase from my favorite designers. Those are here to stay. They are in their forever home! They ARE loved!


Busted: 414.02 yards
Purchased: 599.28 yards
Net YTD: (185.26) yards busted :(



pdudgeon said...

i like your plans for next year. I'm going to be doing the same thing.

Kathie said...

great plans! think you need more time to sew! I am organizing my fabric collection and donating a lot of it too...

jillquilts said...

I think you are doing just fine! If it makes you happy to buy, buy, buy then GO FOR IT! It makes me happy to read your reports! ;)

botaitai said...

Any tips for organizing the stash? I know it is hard to get rid of quilts. Take pictures and tell the story of the quilt and then you can remember it that way.

Cyn said...

Well those are all beautiful fabric lines so I think it's wonderful you are adding them to your stash!

Hang on to your quilts. You don't need to give them away as they are a part of your quilting journey. That is unless you want to give them away or you don't want to remember that part of your quilting journey! :-)

And who decided that we had to reduce our stash anyways? The Stash Police? Well, they aren't allowed at my house! LOL!

How about next year you make a new resolution to stop reporting on your stash? I think you would have a lot more fun and enjoy quilting again as opposed to worrying when you buy quilt supplies and that you aren't using it up fast enough.

I'm amused at all of the guilt on many blogs about having stashes whether it's yarn, needlework, quilt supplies, etc. If we earned the money to purchase the items and we still have the money to fulfill our obligations, what does it really matter?

It's a hobby and it's supposed to be fun!

I tell anyone who really needs to know, such as my husband :-), these are my hobbies and I'm also a collector. And I come from a long line of women, who collected and made items for the home.

I enjoy seeing what you buy and I miss seeing your quilts in progress. I think you need to play in the stash, enjoy it, and start sewing again!

We also need another picture of Penny. :-)

Okay, that's my 2 cents worth. LOL!


Lori said...

But Vicki--you enjoy your stash! I agree--stash police kill the fun. I guess we could be hunters--they hang their stuff on the wall too! Be glad we don't collect vintage cars--they take too much room to store! Personally, I think we should all start collecting small things, like diamonds and rubies and sapphires........

Nicole said...

I'd love to see some of your finished projects in the new year.