Sunday, May 01, 2011

Stash Report 2011 - Week 18

These are the last few drunkard's path blocks that I did while waiting for a call back from the emergency dentist yesterday. I have about 40 total done so far, and another 20 or so prepped. I'm so into this right now. But I mustn't forget my little basket blocks. I have another 20 of those prepped, and I'm going to do at least one each day before I work on the drunkard's paths. Maybe I can do that one, or part of it, at lunch break! Any forward progress is a good thing! Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts is really whipping out her blocks! She is a constant source of inspiration!

The only thing incoming this week was the next installment on the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Club from the Fat Quarter Shop. This month is Prairie Huswyfe and it's gorgeous! 4.08 yards.

Busted 10 yards by cutting up Civil War fabrics for myself and to share. It is SO MUCH FUN cutting up fabric! LOL. It's been far too long with no cutting going on around here! I should now have enough cut to sew on for a while.

Oh, I also had incoming of some 1.5" strips from a friend, but I haven't added those up yet. I'll figure it out for next week's report. Maybe I can sew those up this week so it'll be a neutral! :)

I'm slowly making my way into the positive here, but I fear next week will shove me further into the hole. Darn that Kimberly and her 20% coupons! I'll just blame it all on her!

Year to Date:

Busted: 204.45 yards
Purchased: 227.27 yards
Net YTD: (22.82) yards busted :(


Carol said...

Emergency dentist????? Everything OK? Love your blocks! I do need to get working on my little baskets again. I should do like you do and prep a bunch and then I'd be ready to go. You inspired me!

Karen said...

Are quilt kits for the Prairie Women's Sewing Club big quilts or very small ones? I am getting my kits from another source, and they are for small quilts.

Yvette said...

ACK! I work in the dental field so I know what you are going through.

I was so tempted to join that Prairie Women's club so it will be nice to see your projects come to life.

jillquilts said...

Good luck with your dental emergency! And I agree with you and the coupons at the FQ Shop! I did find new fabric that I need, but I can wait for it. :)

Luckily, I bought just enough during the sale and cut just enough last week that I am less than 5 yards in the hole right now. WOO HOO!

Great looking blocks there! Are you using the little green machine to cut the pieces out?

Melanie said...

Your blocks look beautiful!

Kimberly got me this week with her evil 20% discount too! :) Those are so hard to pass up aren't they?

mascanlon said...

So sorry about the emergency dentist trip. Hope all is well now. I resisted Kimberly's coupon in part because I had just place 2 orders with her and 2 other shops the week before. And kicked myself of course because the new holiday lines are starting to filter in. I waved to you as I flew by yesterday...took my granddaughter to gymnastics. And then on the way back we grabbed sandwiches from Wolfe's, one of my favorites!

Wendy said...

Your blocks look great, I should do more prep and then I can grab and sew. The more I say "I'm not buying anymore right now" the more I buy. The piles are growing.

Carol said...

Nice fabric choices for your Drunkards Path blocks. Let me ask for this: Did you use the GO die to cut out your pieces? That's a die I don't have yet. I do like the hexagon one a lot and just cut out 3 1/2" tumbler pieces. I'll be getting that Prairie Womens kit too, didn't realize it was coming next week until you told us. Hope nothing too painful or serious with the dental emergency.

Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better. The Drunkard's Path blocks look beautiful.

MB in MI said...

LOVE your fabric choices! Hope you post a picture of the finish--very pretty!

Penny said...

You are inspiring me! You are truly a cutting sewing machine & on a roll!! You go girl!! I love your drunkards path blocks & the little baskets. Sorry to hear about your recent dental problems & hope there is an end to all that soon!! Can't wait to see more of your blocks!!

Kate said...

Beautiful blocks. Hope you fixed whatever you needed to get fixed by the Emergency Dentist.

Dortha said...

Love your blocks.

Gwen said...

Your blocks are looking wonderful!
I love the excitement about quilting in your voice. Hugs!

Quilterbee said...

I hope you are feeling better and the dentist got the problem fixed.

It's great to see you inspired and motivated again.