Saturday, May 07, 2011

Stash Report 2011 - Week 19

This week was brutal for incoming, but it could have been a lot worse!

I cut, prepped, and shared a total of 32 yards. That's a lot of fabric moving around in one week. Except for one yard of another line, everything was Civil War type fabrics. I say "type" because some of it was aged muslin, but it's all going toward the same projects.

However, incoming was 54.675 yards. Ewww...... stinky numbers! The newest French General fabric came home to roost, FaLaLaLa. Gorgeous stuff! When the yardage hits, I'll have to get some for borders and backing. :)

Also in were a lot of Civil War fabrics. I pretty much raided the Fat Quarter Shop's shelves of everything I thought would work in these projects. Unfortunately for my stash report, during the raid I spotted the box of Judie Rothermel fat quarters. Wow, that was one exciting box to open! Penny thought so, too!

There were 100 FQs in the box, but some are already missing! I'd wager the rest will be gone within the next month! I'm on a roll here! I don't see this box on the FQS site now, but Kimberly might be able to get some more. It'd be worth asking the question if anyone is interested. A great buy!

So that's my week! It was a busy one at work, and then was busy here at night. I'm feeling so good about what's being accomplished here - especially after the awful past year. I'll get busy again in another month or two, but for now I'm going to make hay while the sun shines!

My brother is again facing some medical issues, which I hope are not serious, but we're all a bit nervous about them. More testing next week. Then the potential for flooding down in South Louisiana also has everyone nervous. Don thinks his home is safe, but we're worried about my nephew's home. Just praying things turn out well on both fronts.

Year to Date:

Busted: 236.45 yards
Purchased: 281.945 yards
Net YTD: (45.495) yards busted :(

Even though I'm in the hole, I'm real happy about everything quilt-related at the LA Quilter house!!! High fives!!!


Life In A Pink Bunny Suit said...

Safe wishes to your family, especially your brother and those involved with the floods. Hope everyone is OK!

Darlene said...

High Fives to you, Vicky.

Sending prayers and good thoughts for your brother's health.

And a little (hug) for you.

ladybug said...

I'm crazy envious of your purchases! But I've done a lot of stash busting recently - 16 yards for one project alone! Hopefully if the hubs sees that I'm working so hard at using it up, he'll let me get more!! (?) Maybe!!!! Happy mother's day weekend - hope you have a peaceful day!

pdudgeon said...

very smart of you to scoop up those fabrics while they're available.

mom of 2 boys said...

Hope everyone is ok!

Vivian said...

Great additions to your CW stash! I plan to go through a CW phase shortly (three projects) so I'll be fondling my CW stash right along with you!

Vivian said...

Ooops, I hit enter and it posted before I was finished!!

I also wanted to send heartfelt hopes that all goes well with your brother and that "the waters don't rise" too near for your family. Have a good week!

Kate said...

Did you leave anything at the FQS for the rest of us?? ;)

I hope your family is okay, medically and floodingly.

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm sending prayers and thoughts. I enjoy watching your stash grow and seeing peeks of it!

mascanlon said...

I'll hold positive thoughts for your brother and your family in the South. Isn't it fun to be getting your mojo back. I have two lately and its lovely!

Kathie said...

oh its so great to read your excited about your projects again....oh that box looks like pure heaven to me :) What a great addition to your CW stash! I am looking forward to seeing some blocks from you soon!
Hope you and Penny are having a great day!
Praying for your brother and your family in South louisana, hope everything turns out great for everyone.

Carol said...

Sending lots of good thoughts for your brother and your nephew and his family. OMG I love that box of fat quarters...looks like heaven to me. I am just thrilled that you're having so much fun again! I'm standing up and clapping loudly for you! Happy! Happy! Happy!

katie z. said...

Enjoy every inch of it!

Cyn said...

Great buys! I think I've been picking up all of those fat quarters but I've been doing it one by one. :-)

Well wishes for your brother and for the flooding. Hopefully both will be non-events.


Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Praying that your brother's tests turn out OK and that your nephew's house will be OK.

Anonymous said...

Is that the only family you have in Louisiana?

Kristie said...

Pray that all goes well!

I have read your blog for a long time now and I must say I drool everytime that I see your new fabrics! I would love to see a photo of your stash room! :)