Friday, September 15, 2006

New Quilt Shop Opened!

It's Ginger's Quilt Shop in Montclair. Really cute, nicely laid out, big! It smelled so .... so .... new! All of the bolts were still almost full, and there's a nice selection of fabrics.

I was so good! I need to award myself with another gold star! I picked up two books that hopefully will aid in reducing stash. And got a free FQ to boot!

This weekend I will finish Lisa's quilt. I'm real ready to get it finished and off to Judy to quilt. And I'm real ready to start some serious stash busting! So Katie bar the door after my trip home! :)

One car purchase finalized at work today. Check! The other vehicle will be finalized Monday! Check! Quarterly estimates mailed off today! Check! Accountant working out nicely! Check check!


~ Some inspiration with bright fabrics tonight at the new quilt shop

~ A missed phone call but a sweet message from Don today reporting that his birthday party was almost all planned out for me! (And said with MUCH sarcasm! LOL!)

~ A nice long chat with Connie last night. What a sweet lady with a really funny story about a one-eyed mouse!

~ Unusual that I'm hungry tonight. Maybe if I eat something I'll get some much needed sleep.


ForestJane said...

That book looks like a good one!

And I'm glad your first impression of your new accountant was a good one. :)

jpquilter said...

a new quilt shop - how fun - I would love to have a new shop around here but it seems more are closing than opening - so sad

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Those look like great books - bet it felt good to play in a new quilt shop.

Here's hoping that future days will be less stressful.

Sweet P said...

A new quilt shop - what a fun adventure. Those books look good. Gayle is a member of Stashbusters. I've read posts about her book, but haven't seen it yet.

I hope you ate some good food and got some sleep and have a great weekend.

Nancy said...

Ooh - a new shop! How fun. The FQ block book looks intersting. If I hadn't just bought 2 new block books I'm be looking for it.

When I went shopping in MS I did limit myself to things that would be used to bust stash with. 2 basic block books. Both set up different and both having things about them I liked over the other. And the few fabric purchases were to go with things I had and were needed purchases. So see, we can be good when we go into quilt shops. :-)

Suze said...

You are right, new quilt shops have all the fabric collections together... After a bit some fabrics sell and others don't and they don't dance well together.

Looks like you got some great books.

Jeanne said...

You're sounding perkier today!

I've heard others refer to that Gayle Bong book -- let us know how you like it.

Have fun sewing!

Hugs ~ Jeanne

Beth said...

I went to that new shop yesterday myself. It's very nice! I was good too. I only spent $20!

Glendora, CA