Thursday, September 21, 2006


I love pincushions. I've got tons of them. But the ones I use most are the magnetic ones. This one is on my sewing table with the thin glass head pins that my Bernina loves. I've got one on my cutting table, one on the Nelly table on the arm of the sofa where my applique stuff is. And there's one just for Jane's pins when she's over here sewing.

But the other four pincushions are real special to me. I first went to the Alex Anderson retreat in Nov. of 2002. I didn't know that each retreater gets a pincushion from Alex as a momento. The blue and white one was 2002. The one with the pink heart was 2003. The black and white was 2005. I had to miss retreat 2004 because of my shoulder replacement surgery. My friend, Mar, made the red and black pincushion for me for Christmas! So that's my 2004 pincushion. And Sally just recently sent me one from a shopping excursion to the big city. I love it!

A couple of years ago, Sheila sent me this antique make-do. I knew nothing about them, and was delighted to find that old is new again. There are patterns out there to make these. The fabric on it is old, as are the lace and buttons. Sheila always sends the most interesting things! Lucky me!

This week is almost over. This weekend I've got a haircut scheduled, a manicure, and then begin packing for the trip to Louisiana. It's getting really close!

It was so hot today - and it's so pleasant tonight. Daisy and I enjoyed our walk this evening. The setting sun was bright red! Even it's ready for autumn!


~ Sheila's benign diagnosis! Prayers answered!

~ Accountant is getting it. Hope she does as well while I'm gone next week.

~ Leaves are turning on the trees outside my front door

~ Six more days until I go home!


quiltpixie said...

sounds like things are looking up for you from your gratitude list... And the pin cushions sure seem a good momento..

Gail said...

What a nice little gift those pincushions (alex) are. Just what is a 'make do' for? another pincushion?

Sweet P said...

Your pincushions are adorable and what a story behind them. Your story about the featherweights is pretty cool. I've never been one to stop to look at trash, but I'm beginning to think I should start.

Finn said...

Hi Vicky, I can hear that happy sound in your voice again, and I am soooo glad to hear it..*VBS*
You've come through a valley and are up and on top of the peak again!! The trip home will be just wonderful...*VBS* Your pincushions are great, I love seeing them, and Linda J's also.
Hugs, Finn

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Oh, Vicky you're starting to sound less stressed - that's wonderful. I know that you're excited about going "home" and I can't tell you how excited I am for you.

Those pincushions are cute and what wonderful keepsakes from Alex and others.

Shelina said...

Those are beautiful pincushions. So nice that each one has a story.

Suze said...

Going home........That has a pleasant sound. I do hope you have safe travels and a grand time while you are there.... Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. Or while you are away it that is possible.

cher said...

counting the days with you until you get to see your family in person-it will be such a special time for you all.

EileenKNY said...

I can hear the clock ticking for your trip all the way in NY!!!
I don't own a single pincushion, other than the tomato one I got in Home Ec.
I do love seeing everyone's FWs, but people want way too much for them anymore.