Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1st

I was wondering how I'd feel today about buying fabric - and I didn't even want to! Of course, tomorrow going to quilt shops with Jane may be a different story! I'm going to make a list tonight - bring a couple of patterns with me, a book that I'm looking for a particular border for a quilt in there. I know I won't be buying any speculation fabric. I'm SO over that!

This was a very long and hard week at work. They always seem to be more intense right before a long weekend. It's like I worked at fever pitch all week. Dip & clip at 8:00 a.m., and then off to pick up Jane. I'm really looking forward to getting some inspiration - both from the quilt shops and from her. She's so knowledgeable about all aspects of quilting. I learn something every time I'm with her. But mostly I just have fun. Neat lady!

Then home to sew for the rest of the weekend. I'm looking forward to being lazy and doing things at a leisurely pace!


Anonymous said...

Yesss!! into a new month, and still no fabric purchase for me.
I checked Miss Rosie's Quilt Co., but couldn't find the 'Country Girl' pattern you mentioned in the Aug.29th post ... I'm always looking for new patterns ... is there a link so I can find a way to use up some of this stash.
God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My shopping methods these days sound like yours! Gone are the days of bringing home yards and yards of fabric - just because... Now - I have a definate plan in mind and buy just a tad bit more yardage needed - the leftovers go into my scrap bin. Have lots of fun shopping!

And nice that your CEO bought your plane tickets - goes to show he really appreciates what you do at the job. Yes, sometimes it is better to just say thank you and leave it at that.



Screen Door said...

Have fun. Sounds like you've probably earned that ticket. He's a good manager--protects his investment.


Gail said...

Have a wonderful time with Jane-you need a little R&R. And Melanie is right about the CEO-he's protecting his investment as well as being a nice guy.

JudyL said...

Have fun with Jane. I know you will! I'm really glad the CEO did that .. it was past time for him to show his nice side! :)

Judy L.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Have a great day and week end! I hope that you find lots of goodies while shopping with Jane. I especially hope that you'll spend lots of time with Miss Bernina and Miss Daisy.

It was really nice of your boss to pay for the tickets and good for you to just take the money with a thank you!

quiltpixie said...

glad you found the month fabric depression helpful. Hope you find your new shopping habits stick :-)

ForestJane said...

Dip and clip?

I didn't think you had to clip those little dogs... but a flea dip makes sense.

Unless you're talking about going swimming yourself, then getting a haircut?


Rebecca said...

Okay, it's Saturday afternoon! What did you buy? What inspired you? What did you learn? Photos, too, please! It does sound like your "fabric diet" may have had a lasting effect. Hope you make a dent in your stash.

Also: Yay, September! It's the month you get to go home!

Finn said...

Hey Vicky, sound like the perfect out, to go with Jane. Hopefully she's laughed out about your wastebasket my circle that is normal behavior..LOL We are all scraps freaks..LOL

Have a wonderful shopping trip, you sure earned it! and a great lunch with a great friend..then quiet time to sew. Hugs, Finn

Susan said...

Oh, I'll bet you had a great day shopping with your friend! I hope you have just as much fun sewing all weekend.

Shelina said...

Congratulations on earning your gold star, and on getting your plane ticket reimbursed.

Sweet P said...

When I started quilting I only bought fabric for a specific project. Then I started to buy fabric because I liked it (although it had to be on sale). I'm back to buying fabric if I have a specific project in mind for it.

You do have a nice boss. He is looking out for his employees. A happy employee is a good employee and he is making you happy.