Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Belated Christmas Present

My belated Christmas present is this chest that I'm going to use as a coffee table. Jane and I spotted this before Christmas when we were antiqueing, and it's one of those things that I've been pondering and pondering. So today I decided to go over there, and if it was still there, it was meant to be. My brother sent me a check for Christmas, and I promised him that I'd buy something special with it. He'll be delighted as he loves antiques.

When I walked in, a lady was leaving and telling the shopkeep that she'd be back in ten minutes with the measurements. When asked if she was sure she didn't want to put a deposit down, the lady said, no, that she'd be back in ten minutes, fifteen at the most, and she left.

I pointed to the chest and said that I'd like to look at that chest. "Oh, no, that's what she's going home to take a measurement for!" The shopkeep explained that this lady wanted to make sure it wasn't too big to use for a coffee table in front of a sofa in her study. (And I'm thinking that now the price couldn't be negotiated since it was suddenly in demand!) Long story short, it followed me home. It doesn't match the sofa I have now, but this sofa is going to be replaced very soon as it wasn't meant to be used every day. It use to live in the formal living room in my ex-house. But life is much more casual now, and I want everything in the quilting condo to be functional and comfortable!

I feel a little better today; the headache is only thumping at about half throttle. I had an 8:00 haircut, went to the office, ran by and got a manicure, went by the other office, stopped at the quilt shop, then to the antique store and the great bakery in our little downtown area. All by noon today. The rest of the weekend is mine mine mine!

Going to put on some comfy clothes and start the blasted Irish chain fabric washing. And while those loads are going, I'll play in my sewing room!


Judy said...

It's beautiful! I'm so glad you got it. And, I'm even gladder (I know . . that isn't a word but it fits!) that the headache has eased a bit and you have the rest of the weekend to yourself! Wish you were here sewing with me!

Gail said...

Oh, that chest is niiiiiiicce, glad it decided to follow YOU home. What could be better than to lose the headache, get the chest and have most of a weekend to quilt?!

EileenKNY said...

Nice chest!! Glad you were able to bring it home. Merry Christmas! lol
What's with the headaches?

Doodlebug Gail said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! And now on to some sewing .... is that fabric all washed, ironed and ready to be cut? I'm sure (or at least I'm really hoping) that you'll feel better once this quilt is all finished - do I need to get my Cheerleader pom poms out?

You can do it! Post photo's of your progress so we can all get you motivated to continue.

Hugs, Gail

Nancy said...

What a beautiful chest! I'm so glad you got it. Bet the other lady wished she'd left a deposit now.

Glad your headache has eased some. Have fun sewing (even if it is on the dreaded Irish Chain.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Timing is everything! Your lucky day! Hope you feel better soon.



Sweet P said...

The chest is beautiful. Don't you love it when a new piece of furniture follows you home? The other woman should learn to carry measurements with her.

Sorry to hear about your headache. I know one of the steps I need to do to control headaches is to make sure I drink a big glass of water before going to bed. Not sure why it works, but it does.

Susan said...

Hmm. You don't seem terribly excited to be doing this Irish Chain. Perhaps you should farm it out? =)

I love the chest. Hope the headache goes by Sat. morning and you feel like sewing - even if not on the IC.