Thursday, February 15, 2007

Patchwork Party 2007

Is anybody doing this quilt? I debated it a long long time, but think I have decided against it. I was thinking it would be a nice quilt for "my" bedroom at my brother's house, but none of the finishing kits really sang to me. I think the red in them is what's bothering me. I saw the line in person tonight at Ginger's, and I still felt the same way about the red. Although it's a beautiful fabric, it doesn't seem to go with the rest of the line. However, I'm going to pick up a little piece of it for my applique stash. Of course, would anyone in this stashbusting ring admit it if they were doing it? ROFLOL. We're trying. We really are!

Daisy is really miffed at me. I came home a second night in a row smelling like that lab puppy. She checks out my shoes and pants legs, and then walks away from me, looking back over her shoulder to gauge my reaction to being ignored. Such a silly dog!

I had an exciting fax today - to give permission on a quilt. That just thrills me to no end - but no more hints about that. It's not my story to tell! (wink)

Reading through posts from my online friends, they're blowing snow back east, feeling the ground move in Oklahoma, chilling out in Texas .... out here, we're experiencing our usual same old weather. Just our "winter" version of it - high 70s and clear. The rain earlier this week, along with thunder and lightning, was a welcomed sight for sure!

I read through all the blogs in the ring today while eating lunch, but didn't have enough time to comment on all of them. You are doing some beautiful work. One or two inspirations boinked me on the head. But, alas, the blasted quilt comes first. Oh, I got the sweetest and funniest email from Jackie tonight .... with lots of tips on how to get through the blasted quilt. Jackie, it's now the "blasted GITERDUN" quilt! LOL


computerpeach said...

I just busted my diet on this one... gee thanks for the link (teasing). I actually like the red in it - makes it sing a bit. I just ordered my first three blocks.

cher said...

nope, not tempted. I have enough started or in process or waiting in my mind to be done that this year is pretty full of quilts! Go Vicky Go on the Giterdun quilt!!!

The Calico Cat said...

Short answer, NO! (For once, I am so not inspired at all by that fabric...)

Gail said...

Stop trying to mug us!urr...Meg us! I saw that too, and the only one that really temps me is the setting done by Quilters Quarters witht he lavendar 'bunting' sashes. I thought about it, by I have more than enough to do with what is already in my if certain people wouldn't keep mentioning it.......

JudyL said...

Aren't doxies so funny? Speck does the same thing to me if I've been around another animal.

Too bad your goofy friend sent the wrong fax! :(