Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cross your fingers for me

I have to call at 11:00 this morning to find out if I have to report for jury duty at 12:45. How crazy is that? They don't want me on a jury; they really don't. I guess I'll have to see if I learned anything from listening to voir dire for 25 years.

And cross your fingers that Matt can come out tonight or tomorrow night to clean up my computer. Nasty pop-ups have invaded me. I think I made it worse by trying to clean it up myself.

I picked up the fixed portable DVD player from Best Buy last night. For once I've glad I bought that fix-it plan. I missed my little friend. Maybe I'll sit at the sewing table now that she's back to entertain me.


~ A good night's sleep
~ Daisy waiting patiently to go out while I type this
~ Reading blogs for a minute here and there; there really is quilting going on!
~ And for my friend -- :) :) :)


Nancy said...

Oh dear! Sounds like you had a crappy day yesterday too! My prescription for you is run - don't walk - straight to you LQS and have some RETAIL THERAPY! After all you only have until Monday and then it's gonna be a loooooonnngggg 31 days without! BTW, couldn't you have picked a month with only 30 days? LOL!

Kim said...

Oh, I'm sure they'd want you on a jury, although I'm also sure you know all the "right" answers, so maybe you'll get out. Still, it's at least a half day wasted. On Friday the 13th, guess what I got in the mail? Yep, a jury summons. I go on May 14th, I think. So, I feel your pain! LOL!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Fingers crossed, toes too!

Connie said...

Hope everything works out...Connie