Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, all I can say ....

All I can say is that I'm sure glad May is a no-buy month for me because ... well, enough said. :)

On the quilty front, I've been too exhausted at night to do much - and last weekend was spent doing more stuff in the house. This dejunking thing is working. But, aack, the garage is next! All those half unpacked boxes from two years ago will finally get finished!

I have been unquilting a quilt that I blogged about a while back. I'm about halfway done, and I was seriously considering just tossing the whole kit and caboodle. But then again, it's perfectly good fabric, so I'm going to forge ahead. But I'll never do this again!

Oh, I picked up a quilt book tonight while visiting Jane at the shop. Okay, okay, I know I said no more books, but this one I had to have. It's "Colorful Quilts" by Cynthia LeBlanc Regone. She's from Lafayette, Louisiana. I mean, how cool is that! It has some cute quilts in it. I actually might make a couple of them! Gasp! Yep, I'm actually going to make a quilt from one of those 70hundred books I own!

Figuring out the camera is a MUST for this weekend. A MUST!


joyce said...

Garage cleaning is definitely aaak in my books but think how nice it will be to have a clean garage! I hope you manage to get your camera working.

paula, the quilter said...

I've dejunked and had the basement looking O so fine until TheKid asked to store some 'stuff'. Unquilting is NOT fun. Been there, done that. O, btw, don't use flannel on both sides of a quilt and use a DSM to quilt it. Sticks like there's honey on the machine bed.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Unquilting a quilt....oh, I'm so sorry. lol!

I'm heading down your way next week. I know you're further north, but do you know of any great quilt shops in Orange County? Yes, we're doing the Disney thing.

We used to live in your neck of the woods when DH worked for Kaiser.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Unquilting is as unpleasant as unsewing seams... ugh. Hang in there, it will be worth it in the long run and you'll be happy that you redid it.

cher said...

I feel for you-undoing quilting on a quilt is not for the feint hearted!
hope work lightens up and you can relax-even de-cluttering is better than being at work some days.