Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's all Shelina's fault!

I've been sitting here giggling ever since I read her blog this morning. Shelina's blog made me laugh out loud at 5:15 a.m.!

I need to set the stage a bit here. My elementary school was right behind my house. Dad put a gate in our fence, so I could walk right onto the school grounds. Mom was a nurse, and her days off were usually during the week. Now, on to the story.

One day my first grade teacher took us outside on a beautiful spring day to exercise a bit. We were all in a big circle. She was teaching us to sing and dance a song, the Hokey-Pokey! I was having fun with it. "You put your right hand in. You put your right hand out. You put your right hand in and shake it all about." (Sorry if this ditty gets stuck in your head today.)

Now it's time for the other hand. "You put your left hand in. You put your left hand out ......." OMG, a bird flew over and bird poop fell right in the palm of my hand!!!

I screamed and all the little boys in the class started laughing and pointing at me. I started crying and took off running across the school grounds towards home. I ran through the gate and into the house crying and holding my hand out. Mom was standing at the kitchen sink.

Her version of the story: She looked up and saw me tearing across the back yard and into the house. Behind me were 20 kids all running at full speed and the teacher in close pursuit. All of a sudden her kitchen was stuffed with a classroom full of kids all talking at the top of their voices. The teacher comes running in huffing and puffing and apologizing for the escape of her class.

Mom took control of the situation and did what she did best. She got my hands clean, and proceeded to line everyone up at the kitchen sink to wash their hands also. Then she sat us all down on the living room floor with a cup of milk and a bag of store-bought cookies. The teacher then marched us through the back yard, out the gate and across the school grounds back to class.

My Dad was howling that night when he heard the story. From that day forward, every time he saw me sad or moping about, he'd break out into the Hokey-Pokey song and dance! Talk about smile factor! This 6'4 man dancing about and shaking his hips .... ROFLOL.

The night of Dad's funeral, Mom and I were sitting in the living room and talking about this wonderful man. My always very serious Mother suddenly stood up and started doing the Hokey-Pokey. Ah, laughter through tears ....


~ Memories of a wonderful childhood
~ Still laughing about this silly incident 50 years later
~ Hearing the birds starting to chirp outside. I think I woke them up!

P.S.: A huge THANK YOU to Katja who emailed me instructions on how to do the link!


Judy said...

That's is a wonderful story. I will always think of you and your family when I hear it and yes . . you will be blamed if Hokey Pokey is in my head all day!

Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful story...the best memories!

Nancy said...

First I want to say I LOVED your story! And YES I'll be hearing Hokey Pokey in my mind all day!

But that's not the main reason for this comment. (Putting on my stern face.) First it was "It's all Judy's fault!", Then "It's all Nancy's (MY!) fault!", and now "It's all Shelina's fault!" Young lady, you need to learn to take responsibility for yourself and quit blaming it on everyone else!!!!! (((HUGS)))

Kim said...

Great story--I really enjoyed reading it tonight! Thanks!

Shelina said...

PS Have you noticed a recurring theme here? It's all Shelina's Fault. It's all Judy's Fault. It's all Nancy's Fault.

We used to have a Blame it On Jim day. Anything that went wrong could be blamed on Jim (ex-Brother-In_Law). I think he was kidding when he said it, but somehow it seemed like fun to blame everything on him. Of course, whenever it was Blame it on someone day, it was always Jim who got the blame.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Very, very funny story, Vicky! The other day my girls were telling me that you got good luck when a bird pooped on your head. How could that be possible?! lol!

Marcie said...

That sounds like the perfect story for a children's book! I love it! Sounds like your mother can handle any situation!

Sharon said...

I must apologize for laughing out loud at your story. . . but I could picture the entire thing in my mind's eye (of course, my co-workers are wondering what in the world I'm laughing about. . .good thing they think I'm wacky anyway!!)

Have a terrific day,


Linda_J said...

what a story, Vicky! Yucky and no wonder you were screaming and crying. You probably couldn't wash that hand enough.

I had a similiar thing happen one time when I was walking with DJ but it hit me on the top of my head right after I had commented about "look at all the birds up on the phone wire" I could not get into the shower fast enough. I can't remember if I had to finish up the lap we were on or if I insisted on heading straight home.

ForestJane said...

Awww, what a great story! Thanks for sharing it!