Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Day

I have been a lazy slug today! I spent all day sitting on the sofa and prepping applique. Doesn't look like I've done much, but it's coming along.

First, these eight blocks, four facing each direction, have to be exactly alike. I'm such an applique free spirit, so it's hard for me to do that! I finally make a plastic overlay so I could get the correct positioning. Now that the stems are all on and appliqued down, the rest of it will be much easier.

I was thinking about putting this quilt top aside when I finish these applique blocks and just come back to it at a later time. But that's why I have so many UFOs. So, nope, I'm going to stay with it until it's done! Those other projects out on my sewing table will just have to wait a bit.

I haven't started the two quilt bindings on Ginger's quilts yet. I'll get those done this week.

Pondering things a bit today. I just really want to know why, but I guess I'll never get an answer to that one.

I found some gorgeous tomatoes (with the stems on) at Albertson's, so I had the most delicious sandwich for lunch. Also bought a new coffee pot yesterday. I was tired of fooling with the old one. Amazing how something so simple and silly can make me happy! It's a really tiny world I live in!! LOL But I did resist the temptation to go back to Bed, Bath and Beyond today. I'm worse in that store than in a quilt shop, if one can believe that. Last week I bought some grippy things to open jars and a pasta strainer. Don't know why I like those things because I sure don't cook much. I guess it's like my speculation fabric purchases. Need those kitchen things just in case!

Daisy slept all day. In fact, it's after 6:00 p.m. and she's still sleeping. In about half an hour or so she'll start rousing. That's usually when I roll in front work. Guess doggies have no concept of weekends. Just another day to her. I want to come back as a dog!


Jeanne said...

Same here -- in fact we're having an entire lazy weekend!
Keeping cool? Lots of salad and iced coffee coming from this kitchen :)

Di said...

Vicky, don't feel alone... I've been pondering the same thing.

Judith said...

Well I had a lazy weekend too. Was very tired and had to rest a bit. Now I am feeling all new.
And no don't set it aside when you are done with the applique, I really want to see it finished.

Luanne said...

Hi Vicky:

Just discovered your blog and I absolutely love the stash busting concept. I love seeing wht you're working on. Fat Quarter Shop is my absolute favourite! ( And I live up here in Canada ) I love books and quilting, but the books have taken over lately. So.... I have way too many kits and fat quarter collections sitting on the shelf....
I'll be following your efforts!
( But honestly - can you ever have enough fabric....)

Kimberly Jolly said...

Your blocks look great. Before you know you will be done!


hi !!!

you´re blog is wondenful.

I love all your things !!!

I'm going to add your blog with others of my favourites blogs!

bye !!

Greetings from Spain

Nan said...

My girls sleep most of the day, too - hubby and I say they're practicing sleeping during the day, so they'll be ready to sleep all night! LOL
I agree about having wonderful kitchen gadgets. They make life so much easier, don't they?