Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Blogs for Your Viewing Pleasure

Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick have a new blog, Minick & Simpson. You already know I'm their biggest fan, so I'll be regularly stopping by their blog. And, yes, I missed both of the give-aways!!

And my friend, Kathy, has a blog, too! Kathy and I met years ago on an old message board, and she's such a sweetie. So sweet, in fact, that I tried to mail my car keys to her once! She's joined our stash busting efforts, and has been way more successful than I've been.

Of course, Minick & Simpson are the reasons I'm not successful! I'm just saying ...

The quarter ended today, so in the next couple of weeks if you see/read me babbling incoherently, just think kind thoughts! LOL


Minick & Simpson said...

Hugs! Thanks!

Polly and Laurie

KathySWFL said...

Awww gee...I still chuckle over you trying to mail me your car keys...LOL One of these days we really need to meet in person.