Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stash Report Week 25

I've been good this week. Licking my wounds from the hard fall off the wagon last week. LOL.

Nothing purchased! I did place a small order, but it won't come until next week and I don't remember exactly what it was now, but I know it wasn't much.

Nothing busted! By next Sunday I should have some busts as things are in the works. Right now I'm prepping the applique blocks on the Prairie Paisley Patchwork Party finishing kit. Once these eight blocks are done, the rest of the blocks are easy peasy!

I'm still enjoying sewing and planning. Sometimes I burn out for a while, but so far this year I've been hanging in there nicely!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 190.5 yards
Purchased: 421.75 yards
Net YTD: <231.25> yards busted

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julieQ said...

Enjoy! Don't feel too bad about enjoying your favorite hobby...just enjoy.