Monday, April 13, 2009

It's About Time!

My computer has been in the shop since last Tuesday. It had a rip-roaring case of the cooties, but it's been all cleaned up now. I hope! I hate those darn viruses. You never know where they come from and they're hard to get rid of. After fighting it for a couple of days, I decided just to unplug the tower and bring it to the company that does our computer stuff at work. Bill brought it back to me today at work and said this and that had been updated. Whatever! I just wanted to get back online!

So I figured out how to plug all those cords back in (I had drawn myself a diagram as I unplugged them), and it came right back up like it was supposed to! But my keyboard was dead. It took me forever to figure out there were batteries in it! Who knew!

No, I didn't do a lick of sewing while it was down. But I started cleaning out the garage, and I started organizing stash. Both tasks will take a while, but that's okay. I want to go through all those unpacked boxes in the garage and throw away a bunch of ... well, a bunch of crap. I made great headway this weekend.

Jane and her sweet DH came over on Sunday for dinner, and while her DH fixed a couple of things for me, Jane broke down all those boxes that I had emptied. What was I doing? I don't know, but I think - gasp! - cooking was involved! LOL. Thank you so much, you two! It was really a nice day! And you're right, Jane. It's not about the food; it's about the company!

I need to get cracking on BOMs, especially Simply Sophisticated. I'll have a post up real soon on this month's block and the monthly drawing.

Ahhhh, it's good to be home!


Sue H said...

Cooties!!! I love it. When my computer acts up, I blame it on cramps. I'm glad you got rid of those little buggers.

Karen said...

I didn't know that a keyboard had batteries. I will keep that in mind. We just got our computer back from getting it into the mood to speed up.

Miss Jean said...

Boy, it must be contagious. My computer has cooties, too! I have to take it in asap. I hate being without it. I have to use my husbands Mac and I can't post on my blog much as I have all my photos on my computer. What did we do before computers and blogging?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

A keyboard with batteries! Never heard of such a thing, I would have never, ever in 1 million years figured that one out, good for you for finding the problem. Glad that you are back on line. And Jane is right - it is ALL about the company, not the food - the food is just a "side-dish"!
Cheers! Evelyn