Sunday, April 05, 2009

Stash Report Week 14

It's that time of the year. Heavy work time. No sewing. I come home and just want to sleep. My dog doesn't know who I am any more. My house is a disaster zone. My Bernina thinks I've abandoned her.

So what do I do to get some excitement in my life? I poke buttons.

I went back to my stash report book for 2008. Weeks 14 and 15 were heavy purchase weeks with no busts. It's shaping up to be the same this year.

To explain a bit my downfall this week - I love birds. I love everything about them. (Except when they poop on the head of my St. Francis of Assisi fountain on the patio.) I even have a Richard Sloan print of his Scissor Tailed Flycatcher above my bed. Excuse the very bad picture.

So where is this leading? Aviary. Anything named Aviary is a sure bet to hit my stash, and the kit arrived this week. Of course, backing was in order, so that was ordered, too.

Then the first month's BOM, finishing kit and backing arrived for Heartland Heritage. A few other minor things came also, but just the kit and the BOM package were enough to assure me that I'm trending exactly as I did last year during April.

So there you have it. 36.25 yards of fabric. I didn't even open the boxes until this morning. No busts, but I did make a couple of basket blocks in odd moments when my hands were idle and my brain needed soothing. It seems to need that a lot these days.

Oh, and about that nap yesterday? It lasted almost all day.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 119.50 yards
Purchased: 275.625 yards
Net YTD: <156.125> yards


Brenda said...

An all day nap... good for you!!! As long as you can still sleep at night, napping is a good thing!!! And having fabric bought with no use, is not a bad thing, its your trend!! Lets see if you repeat it next 14 & 15 week of stash busting next year, then you know your onto something!! ;-)

pdudgeon said...

don't feel bad, i ordered an aviary kit too, and found some wonderful backing fabric for it.

so glad you got some needed rest.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Rest up, work hard. Go look at my snow pictures and I GUARANTEE you'll feel better! And Daisy's belly wouldn't drag, she would have to tunnel her way outside!

Carol said...

Oh that kit looks yummy and the backing fabric is perfect...I love that piece. An all day nap sounds great.

Sue H said...

I love reading your stash reports. I feel like such a rookie! Take good care of youself and don't work too hard.

Carol said...

Nice kit, I love the eggs for the backing fabric. The Aviary fabrics are great, it's no wonder you love them.

Perry said...

Sounds like you are stressing out right now; all day naps are very good for that sort of thing. I try them all the time, lol. Take care of yourself!

KathySWFL said...

Sounds like you got some much needed rest on Saturday and as for the poking buttons all I can say is thank you! With you poking that has left me guilt free for not poking. I'm saving my money for Paducah next week! Look out world my totals wil be going in the wrong direction!