Monday, February 15, 2010

Judy's "Weekend Quilts"

Judy's "Weekend Quilts" arrived last week, and I already have a couple of the quilts on my to-do list! Well, actually, more than a couple, but I did the old stash dive for two of them! Just need to get caught up on some of these UFOs and then I'm going gangbusters on the new quilts in "Weekend Quilts."

I was delighted to see that I already have this one done - or a larger version of Judy's "Just Snowballs" on Page 48 in her book. The one I made from her draft pattern had an extra snowball border on it, but like the one in the book better! And, yes, it was all from stash!

I'll bet everyone thought I wasn't sewing that weekend, huh? Fooled ya!

I highly recommend "Weekend Quilts." Talk about a motivator! Gorgeous quilts!

Congratulations, Judy! You hit another home run!


Carol said...

Oh I love the snowball quilt...I'll have to order Judy's book.

Jean said...

Love the quilt, will have to check out the new book.

Cara said...

I love that quilt in the Christmas fabrics, very bright and happy.

Sherri said...

Is this a newly published book...think I might have to check it out!

Judy Laquidara said...

I had forgotten about that! Love it!

Quilted Quickies said...

Cute quilt!! I'll have to take a look at Judy's book! How fun to pull from your stash and get such a wonderful quilt.