Saturday, February 20, 2010

Penny Won Prizes!

Yes, she did!

Jere'e over at Quilted Quickies blog had a give-away a couple of weeks ago. Penny was one of the honorable mention winners! Look at what arrived on her doorstep!

Jere'e made up a batch of Gidget Gobbles for the give-away, and Gidget got to choose the winner! All natural treats just for the most important puppies in our lives! Penny has been given one or two a day since we received them, but when I pulled them out to take pictures, she demanded more! Yes, ma'am!!

And Jere'e, being the wonderfully sweet lady that she is, also included a copy of two of her books, "Quilted Potpourri" and "Charm School Too!" Both of these books have drop-dead gorgeous patterns using pre-cuts. (Gosh, I have a gazillion packages of precuts here and keep buying more!) I picked out a couple of projects from each book that I can't wait to get started on. I'm also going to show these books to local quilt shops because they'll definitely want to carry these! Awww, see Gidget's puppy picture on the cover! She's a star!

Jere'e, thank you SO much! Penny thanks you and Gidget, too! Sorry she can't tell you herself. She was taught not to talk with a mouth full!

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Quilted Quickies said...

You are so very welcome!! Glad Penny loved her "Gidget Gobbles" and you liked my books. I so wish Penny and Gidget could get together and play sometime!! Big Hugs!!!