Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stash Report 2011 - Week 5

Well, I've gone in the red this week, but I knew that would happen. Charlevoix yardage hit the Fat Quarter Shop. There was also sale at Bunnyhill Designs for Lily & Will yardage. I think there's still some yardage on sale there, so check it out. Also received the backing for the Civil War Chronicles BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. All in all, I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been! The only bust, sent charm packs to friends.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I'm not sleeping at all at night, and now this weekend all I want to do is sleep. Doesn't bode well for my sewing time, but must get my body regulated. Auditors finished yesterday. I'd bet now that that stress is over, things will return to normal. We'll see.

I'll be playing with the new camera tomorrow. Today I managed to get it out of the box and get the strap on, battery charged, and lens attached. I fell asleep reading the manual. I'd attach a photo now, but I haven't taken one yet! Tomorrow Penny will have to pose for me. Yeah, right.

2011 Totals:

Busted: 36.61 yards
Purchased: 70.49 yards
Net YTD: (33.88) yards busted :(


Brenda said...

Now my report doesn't make me feel so bad.LOL. Hope you're getting the sleep you need.

Judith said...

A bit in the red doesn't matter. You still have a whole year to come back in the green again. By the way the Charlevoix line is a difficult one for me also to not buy.

Kathie said...

sometimes we just have to buy something don't be too hard on yourself it will turn out soon
SLEEP! its what your body needs after this week
next weekend you will be sewing away

Carol said...

Stress always ruins sleep...sleep when you need to! It's good for you.
I love Charlevoix and the back for the Chronicles quilt was a ton of yards...that's a huge quilt. I'll be looking for Penny pictures.

katie z. said...

Good wishes that work will be more normal SOON!

SpinningStar said...

Good purchases - both fabric and the camera. I'm interested in your opinions on the camera. Hope you get many years of use out of it!


Donna said...

Stress at work can really do strange things to your body. I have to say it feels better to have fallen off the wagon in such good company.

Morah said...

Good report because since you're in the red, it'll give you a good variety of fabrics to choose from for your next project. That in turn will give you a great shot for your new camera!!! Always a way to justify, always a way!

mascanlon said...

Well I am zero for the week too. Not to say it will stay that way since I did push a few points ( thanks for the hints!) but I am busy, busy the next few weeks both at work and home so nothing will be going on here either!

jillquilts said...

I'm glad that auditors are gone and hopefully that will get you out of your funk and you can start sewing again! :)

I feel like all I did this weekend was sleep, too! :)

julieQ said...

Hope your sleep straightens out...and enjoy your new acquisitions!!