Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to Work

I was real busy today so the day passed fairly quickly. I really need a vacation because I'm starting to work from weekend to weekend ... or maybe I'm just getting old! :)

Judy got me to thinking about machine quilting. This is a table topper I made in the summer of 2005. I decided to try to do a large meander on it as I had just gotten a Bernina 440 Aurora with the new stitch regulator. Well, I got it all pinned and ready to go, set all the controls and I was off. I quilted it in just about an hour. I was SO excited. I had done it. It wasn't until I was taking the stitch regulator foot off that I realized I had installed it but never turned it on! LOL! Oops! There are a few places that the stitch lengths "vary" and the meandering is jerky in some places. But I wasn't building a piano, like Dad used to say, and I'm happy with it. It graced my breakfast room table this past Christmas. My friend in San Antonio, Gwen, sent me this kit last year. She's such a sweetie! And she has THREE doxies!

So, thank, Judy, for inspiring me - again. I'm going to take some of the tops I don't care about and do more practicing!

My gratitude today - the daylilies all abloom around town. They're so beautiful!


cher said...

hurray for plunging in and doing some free motion quilting!

Finn said...

Wow, Vicky..good for you!!! I love the California poppies below, all done and all!
But to just plunge right in, and do a good job of it...a great way to get some stuff done. And DONE is good!!!

JudyL said...

Good for you for getting in the mood to do some maching quilting! Just remember to used a printed backing which is very forgiving of imperfections.

And you're so right . . you're not building a piano! And, don't forget that no one looks at the quilting as closely as you do!

Judy L.