Sunday, May 28, 2006


I asked Jane if it would be all right to post a picture of her loggie top and she said yes. This is just the most beautiful quilt. The blocks are 4" finished. I can't remember now how many are in the quilt, but I think she said 600+. It took her several years to make it. She's trying to decide on borders now, but it would be fine without a border. It's huge! These pictures just don't do justice. Tracey is making one, as well as a lot of ladies on our online group. I have one started, but was sidetracked by my shoulder surgery and haven't gotten back to it. This summer, though, I plan on pulling it all out and working on it again. Now you can see what an inspiration she is to me! Constantly!

Today was a lazy day. I ran the washer and dryer almost all day. Still not finished. There were boxes of towels, etc., still in the garage so I decided to tackle those.

My gratitude today are the birds chirping outside. Daisy has taken keen interest in them, and has been sitting by the window all day.


Patti said...

The log cabin top is beautiful. I love 4" log cabins. Did she paper piece them or do them the traditional way? And I agree - it doesn't need a border. Traditionally log cabins didn't have borders. This one is wonderful just the way it is.

cher said...

that log cabin is beautiful! I am so glad she allowed you to share it with us.

Finn said...

Your friend Jane's quilt top is just beautiful...such a lot of sewing. Does it seem overly heavy? I've always wondered about all those seams.

I'm just thrilled to hear that you have vintage and older, blocks and quilt tops. that yardage is certainly a mystery tho. Really gets you thinking. I am constantly amazed at how stong most of the fabric in my orphan blocks is...seems incredible to me. I look forward to see what you brin out!!

Laurie said...

These are neat! Is this a special group project? Did the group pick certain colors? I know I've seen pics of Tracey's loggies on her blog...I thought she had lost her mind making log cabin blocks that size! LOL...but knowing it's an online group project helps make sense to least there's motivation! ;o) That 4" finished block is sure tedious but the outcome is GORGEOUS!!!! How are your loggies coming along?

Vicky said...

I'll try to answer here as many question as I can about Jane's quilt. It is beautiful - and intriguing!

Finn, the quilt doesn't feel too much heavier than a normal quilt top. I was thinking the same thing about the weight when I first saw it, but was pleasantly surprised.

Laurie, I successfully "megged" a few folks into making one in our group. A couple of folks are making two blocks a day, every single day. They're going to be done before you know it! Everyone is just doing their own thing. I know one person used blue centers and is restricting her logs to Robyn Pandolph fabric. I'm doing totally scrappy. I even threw in holiday fabric. The logs are so tiny that all you see is the color of the log, not the design on the fabric. Batiks, '30s, anything goes in mine.

If you'll notice Jane's light logs, she used a variety of fabrics. I think that adds more depth to the quilt than just using one fabic for all the light blocks.

I will tell you the one thing that Jane suggested, and that is to make half the blocks starting with the dark logs, and then reverse and do the other half starting with the light logs. She said this evenly distributes it so that you don't see mostly dark or mostly light. That makes sense. She's such an accomplished color expert that I'm deferring to her on that one!

Sorry for the long reply, but every time I look at this quilt I get enthused about it all over again. It's THE most beautiful pieced quilt I have ever seen! Definitely an heirloom!


Laurie said...

Thanks for that info Vicky! I can hardly wait to see yours! HURRY UP! LOL

Mar said...

ahhh, one of my favorite quilts and quilter!

Hanne said...

What a wonderful LC quilt. I noticed the alteration in starting with light or dark fabric, and also saw there is a plan - clever. I don't think this quilt needs a border at all. A border could come to drown the beautiful LC design

Linda_J said...

Your friend did a fantastic job and it sure looks finished to me!