Monday, May 22, 2006

Nice Weather Today

We had an unusually heavy rain last night, and it sure cooled things off today. It was downright nice! Daisy and I had a cool walk this evening, but the grass was still damp! Fat little doxies with 4" legs don't like getting their bellies wet! LOL

I commented last week about the wonderful sweet olive I smelled around the office. I realized today when I walked out of the building for lunch that it was truly amazing that I could smell it. I work in a small town that is almost all light to heavy industrial. Today there was an overwhelming smell of "eau de toilet" coming from the cheap perfume manufacturer down the street! Of course, it could have been worse. Another company down the street could have been sauteeing thousands of pounds of onions today! Seriously! You should smell our area of town about once a week! One day a few weeks back both events happened on the same day - plus our propane tanks were filled that afternoon! Ewww.....I'm just glad we didn't have any important visitors in that day!

This quilt was made by my online group for one of our members who had a death in her family. Sally got the commitments from folks to make a block, and then I mailed them each a fat eighth of Hannah Bella fabric. They were to use a WOW background. When the blocks came back to me, I sashed each of them again in WOW and then started assembling. There were so many blocks, too many for the front of the quilt. As it was, the quilt ended up being 109" square! The rest of the blocks went on the back of the quilt. I created a monster, though, for Judy to quilt. I didn't realize that putting all the pieced blocks in the center of the back and then vast spaces of plain fabric around them could cause the back to pucker, and she'd have to fight it the whole time she was quilting it. (She ever so gently and kindly explained that to me! Sorry, Judy!) But the quilt was absolutely gorgeous when it was all quilted and bound. It took me about three weeks to piece the front, but I worked diligently on it every day as the blocks came in the mail. Because it was so big, the only place I had to take a picture of it was hanging it off the balcony. You can't see the top of the quilt, but you'll get the idea.

I'm having leftovers tonight, so that's going to be easy. I need to check on the bookcase I ordered. It's been almost three weeks. They said it would be two. And I got a couple of auction backings in the mail today. A wonderful Jane Sasseman for the back of my Freddy quilt, and a beautiful Kaffe Fassett for backing for another quilt in the planning stages. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be stash busting, but these were perfect - and cheap! And I just love having boxes on the doorstep when I get home! ~sigh~ stash busting is SO hard!


Laurie said...

VICKYYYYYYYYYYYY...where oh WHERE did you get that Jane Sassaman fabric????? I LOVE her fabric and I haven't seen this it new? Do tell!

Love the quilt you shared as well! Those comfort quilts are the best!

Vicky said...

Laurie it was at It's not new fabric, so I about had a fit when I saw it. Folks were bidding on it but it hadn't reached the reserve limit. It took me about 1.3 seconds to hit that But It Now button! LOL! Do a search for Jane Sassaman on I think I saw some on there after I ordered this.

Good luck! It's happy fabric, for sure!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It is a beautiful quilt - I like the few reverse blocks too. It is nice when a group quilt is an easy pattern, but looks so nice all put together. Well done!



Hanne said...

Lovely quilt. I hope it brings a lot of comfort to the new owner. Wonderful fabrics as well.

Linda_J said...

Lovely comfort quilt, Vicky. I love how your string blocks are turning out--fun and vibrant!