Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Today I am thinking about Scotty, a family friend from Baton Rouge, who was killed at the Pentagon on 9/11/01.

It's real early here, but time to get moving. I'm ready to put borders on the poppy string quilt, but I must vacuum first and dust since the little housekeeper elves must have lost my address.

Jeanne has me thinking about yo-yos. I've got a bag of them upstairs from an auction. That auction was only described as a box of antique quilt blocks and scraps of fabric dating from the late 1800s through the 1940s. I think I paid about 20 bucks for it and it was chocked full of stuff. It was a fun box to open. Someday soon I'm going to dig into those huge tubs I have upstairs and take stock. I have a lot of antique blocks like those Finn has been posting, most of them from the Civil War era.

At one time I was really into finding Civil War fabric, thinking I could use it to repair some of the blocks I have accumulated. But I almost hate to cut that fabric. Most of it is "new off the bolt." The fabric is very narrow, not the 44" widths we have today. What I have always wondered is how these antique shops came across this fabric. Where has it been for over 140 years? And how did it remain in pristine condition? I envision some lady tucking it away in a cedar chest (did they have those then?) and forgetting about it. Sounds like our stash, doesn't it? I'll get some pictures posted when I open the tubs. I've also got a quilt made in the mid to late 1800s that only needs a tiny bit of repair on a couple of seam lines on the backing and one small faded area on a sashing on the front. Amazing considering how old it is. I wonder if our quilts will endure as this one has.

Today, Memorial Day, I'd like to challenge everyone to make one quilt this year for a soldier or a veteran. The Quilts of Valor project that Judy posted about yesterday is a wonderful program. Most guilds have special projects for the military. Most Veterans Hospitals will accept wheelchair lap quilts for their patients. Check with your churchs and local nursing homes. All of us, whether in America or abroad, have been blessed with freedom to pursue our lives as we see fit. It is not only our right but our obligation to remember and honor our soldiers.


dot said...

Amen sister!

Jeanne said...

Good morning my dear!
The beef is delicious -- I did some quality-control sampling last night when I was putting it away. Mom's coming over later and we'll all be enjoying it.
Your little flag is perfect for today. I have a set of blue log cabin blocks that are going to become a QOV this next month.
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Marilyn said...

Vicky - I do remember a SMALL purchase of CW fabric at Road....
could that be part of what you are referring to?

Thanks again for thinking of me and Ken. Not out of the woods yet. May be sent home in a day or two-needs to be stronger for this surgery.

Adore that string quilt - everyone needs a little sunshine and brightness in their day!

Hugs, Marilyn

Vicky said...

Marilyn, you would have to bring up that "small" repro purchase at Road 2005! LOL!

However (sigh)... the fabric I'm referring is authentic fabric from the 1800s. I hesitate to call it Civil War fabric, because most of the fabric used to make quilts during the Civil War was manufactured before the war. Maybe this afternoon I'll pull it out and take pictures.

Good news on Ken. He is in my prayers.


cher said...

love the string quilt-so very cheery! and sweet flag wall hanging. I am cooking up the beef recipe you posted today. Sounds like I was not the only one to be inspired-thanks for posting it!

Hanne said...

I really hope you will share the antique blocks with us some day. I would love to see a photo