Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Calif. Poppies

It's done. I really enjoyed working on this bright quilt, but I'm real ready to pull out the maple leaves - a much calmer quilt!

Back to work today. Why do I always feel I just need one more day? I guess I plan too many things for three days and come away a bit disappointed when I don't accomplish them all. The next three day weekend - not until Labor Day - I will just go with the flow! LOL!


Laurie Ann said...

Good job, I love it! Bright it right up my alley!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The finished top is beautiful - I would say you put your 3 day weekend to good use!



cher said...

I think it came out smashing and got to love that you finished it up before having to go back to work! count that as a bonus.

Linda_J said...

4th of July must be in the middle of the week this year? That would seem to be one that they cannot move to suit them?

The top look great--fun and bright but fall will be here before we are ready for it and the maple leaves would make a nice addition for the season then.

Ann said...

Your quilt top is stunning!
I'm checking my stash for colors and prints to make my own.
Thanks for the inspiraton!

KCQuilter said...

Wowiw, wow, wow--that quilt turned out GORGEOUS! One of the prettiest and most striking I've seen in a while. You did a beautiful job.

ForestJane said...

That finished nice!

Is it for you or is it going to be a gift? For some reason, it seems to say it'd brighten someone's day... you know, like at a home or hospital.

JudyL said...

How did you get that done so quick? Do you love it?? I sure do! That is so pretty. Once I get some free time, I am definitely going to do one of those. The border is great!

Judy L.

JudyL said...

I just keep coming back to this pink string quilt. I think it is the floral fabric that draws me back. You did so good on this one!

Judy L.