Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To-Do Pile

I posted a while back a picture of the stack of quilts that could be finished up in short order. This is one of them. Another freebie pattern called "Let it Snow, Let it Sew" or something like that. One in my cybergroup found it online, and a bunch of us did it one weekend. Sally put beautiful borders on hers, but I'm thinking I just might quilt it as is for a wallhanging. I don't know. I'll have to ponder this one.

At the end of a long day today, my boss told me he wanted to take me to lunch tomorrow to celebrate my anniversary with the company. I was hoping he'd pick one of the casual restaurants in our area, but he picked a fancy-smancy French restaurant. So I dug in my closet when I got home to find something to wear tomorrow. It's way too hot for a jacket, so I've got a couple of cotton sweater sets and a couple of nice blouses to pick from. Black slacks and medium heels. I need to dig out my jewelry since I haven't worn any at all in the past year. Maybe pearls. I ponder things way too much!!

American Idol is on in a few minutes. I've enjoyed watching it for the past few weeks. I hardly ever watch these kind of shows. I had a ticket offered to me for the show tonight, but I didn't want to go alone. But it's fun to know that I could have! LOL!

Congratulations to Chad on his graduation! And for Leora, welcome home! Puerto Rico was way too far away!!!


Norma said...

I love this piece! What a charming wall hanging it will make.

ForestJane said...

I did that quilt too. :) One of the few I've actually got completely done and quilted and bound!

Have you been to forgetmenot's site lately? Both of the owners have been apparently having some health problems, and their current Block of the Month series has been halted in the middle. I try to send them positive thoughts every time I think of them.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh this is great - I instantly saw an Everlasting Tree border going up along the top. Probably would put stars in the top corners... but not sure about the top border - maybe just tab top hanging loops? Whatever you do - it is a cute top!



Jeanne said...

Would you believe I have this pattern printed and fabric bagged? I thought it would be cute to use up in Big Bear :)

Have a lovely lunch -- we'll want to hear all about it!


JudyL said...

Vicky: Hope you have a wonderful lunch. Love your "Let it Snow" quilt.

I will show Chad your congratulations today. Thanks!


Laurie Ann said...

Okay, you are going to make a lot of folks jealous about not going to see AI!! :) I, however, am a Lost fan! Let it snow will make a cute seasonal wall hanging!

Linda_J said...

Cute wallhanging!

Leora said...

Thank you Vicky! I'm HOME!!!

Vicky said...

Leora, THAT is good news! Even tho NY is still far away from SoCal, I predict a 3D meeting in our future!!! xoxox